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1922 - 1923

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

4807 Baum Boulevard

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Chapter History Report

On November 25, 1922 two more men were initiated into Pi Kappa Alpha.

Twelve of our pledges being eligible, an initiation was held on February 25, 1923 and these twelve were admitted to the brotherhood. A dance was held in their honor on March 3, 1923.

We were runners up for the American League in the Inter-Fraternity/Dormitory Basketball games but were defeated by the trophy winners in a play-off of the tie.

On May 26, 1923, two more of our pledges were initiated as brothers in Pi Kappa Alpha.

The big final dance of the year was held on Friday, June 1. This dance was given in honor of the seniors of Beta Sigma and it was the best ever held.

On May 2, 1923, the following officers were elected: S.M.C. Brother Glover, I.M.C. Brother Fire, Th.C. Brother W. D. Smith and were sworn into office. The S.M.C. appointed the other offices: S.C. Brother Thayer, M.S. Brother Christoff, and M.C. Brother Rogers.

Brothers Biever, Eastman, Allen, Finlay and McKinney graduated in June 1923.

Pledges Kallfelz and Craw were initiated as brothers into Pi Kappa Alpha, June 14, 1923.


Roll No. 32 Mr. Leo C. Page

Initiated: November 25, 1922

Roll No. 33 Mr. George Kenneth Wayne

Initiated: November 25, 1922

>News c1927: ex-'25, Construction of Storage Oil Plants, Standard Oil Co., Albany, N.Y.

Roll No. 34 Mr. Harry Edward Schwab

Initiated: February 25, 1923

Positions/Offices: SMC, IMC

Freshman Football 1922, Varsity Track 1924, Plebe Judge 1924-25, Chairman Gambol of the Guilds 1925

>News c1927: B.S. '26, Superintendent of Erection, E. A. Lundy Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Roll No. 35 Mr. Lloyd Amans

Initiated: February 25, 1923

"C" Club, Freshman Basketball Captain, Freshman Football, Varsity Basketball 1924 & 1925

Roll No. 36

Mr. Robert E. Ashe

Initiated: February 25, 1923

Track 1922-23, Pitt Pre-Law (Graduated Pitt 1926)

>News c1927: A.B. '26, Graduate Student in Law, University of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Roll No. 37 Mr. Joseph Fedor Christoff

Initiated: February 25, 1923

Positions/Offices: MS, SMC

Honoraries: Dragon, Pi Delta Epsilon, Delta Skull, Druid

"C" Club, Freshman Football 1922, Vice President Sophomore Class 1923, Secretary Industry Assembly 1923, Varsity Track 1922, Varsity Football 1923, Athletic Contributor Tartan 1923-24, Sophomore Banquet Committee, Athletic Editor Tartan 1924, Vice President Junior Class, Publicity Director C.I.T. Athletics, Secretary S.I.E.E., Varsity Football 1924-25, Varsity Baseball 1924 & 1925, Varsity Track 1923, 1924 & 1925, Inter-Fraternity Basketball, Publicity Committee Campus Week, Captain Baseball 1925, Managing Editor Tartan 1925-26

>News c1927: ex-'26, Salesman, Firestone Tire & Rubber Co., Patton, Pa.

Roll No. 38 Mr. Halsey R. Jones (Casey)

Initiated: February 25, 1923

Honoraries: Castle

Freshman Football 1922, Freshman Basketball 1922, Varsity Tennis 1924; Lieut. R.O.T.C.; Rifle Team; Treasurer - American Society of Civil Engineers (Student Chapter)

>News c1927: B.S. '26, Concrete Engineer, Philadelphia Company, Bridgeville, Pa.

Roll No. 39 Mr. Benedict Joseph Kristof (Ben)

Initiated: February 25, 1923

Honoraries: Dragon, Druids

Varsity Football 1923, 1924 & 1925; Chairman Plebe Regulations Committee 1923-24; "C" Club, Junior Prom Committee; Vice President Industries Senate; Student Council; Graphica; "Tartan"; Junior Prom Committee

>News c1927: ex-'26, Salesman, Johnstown, Pa.

Roll No. 40 Mr. Max Honeymon Oldham

Initiated: February 25, 1923

Plebe Regulations Committee 1923-24, Thistle Board 1923 & 1924

>News c1927: ex-'26, Highway Engineer, Arkansas State highway System, Crawfordville, Ark.

Roll No. 41 Mr. Edwin Lynch Reeves

Initiated: February 25, 1923

Circulation Assistant Tartan 1922-23

>News c1927: ex-'26, School Teacher, Kane, Pa.

Roll No. 42 Mr. Percival Anthony Rice

Initiated: February 25, 1923

Honoraries: Castle

Musical Clubs 1922-1923

>News c1927: ex-'26, Assistant Distribution Engineer, West Penn Power Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Roll No. 43 Mr. Charles Ellis Rogers

Initiated: February 25, 1923

Positions/Offices: MC

Transferred to LaFayette College

Freshman Football, Sophomore Plebe Smoker Committee 1923-24

Roll No. 44 Mr. Harold Eugene Wagoner (Wags)

Initiated: February 25, 1923

Scarab '25, Tau Sigma Delta

Treasurer Freshman Class - College of Fine Arts, Treasurer Sophomore Class - College of Fine Arts, College of Fine Arts Ball Committee 1923-24, Junior Prom Committee 1924-25; Freshman Dance Committee; Chairman Senior Ball; Chairman Scarab Smoker; Technon; Chairman Transportation

>News c1927: A.B. '26, Architect, Sharon, Pa.

Roll No. 45 Mr. Raymond Isaiah Winters

Initiated: February 25, 1923

Positions/Offices: SMC

Honoraries: Tau Sigma Delta, Castle, Scarab 1924, Pi Delta Epsilon 1925

Castle; Interfraternity Council; Arts Ball Chairman; Arts School Senate; "Thistle" Senior Editor; Cadet Battalion Adjutant, R.O.T.C.; Military Ball Committee

Roll No. 46 Mr. Atlee Vernon Saurman

Initiated: May 26, 1923

>News c1927: ex-'26, Sales Correspondent, Standard Underground Cable Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Roll No. 47

Mr. Philip G. Petri

Initiated: May 26, 1923

Roll No. 48 Mr. Michael Dewey Kallfelz

Initiated: June 14, 1923

Positions/Offices: IMC, ThC

Honoraries: Druid, Delta Skull, Dragons, Sine Nomine

S. I. E. ; Cites; Class Vice President 1921-22, Chairman Freshman Banquet Committee, Reserve Baseball 1921-22, Editorial Assistant Tartan 1922-23, Sophomore Banquet Committee, Chairman Junior Banquet Committee, Treasurer Carnegie Tartan 1923-24, Inter-Fraternity Formal Committee 1923-24, Thistle Board 1923-24, President Industries Assembly 1924-25, Treasurer Student Council 1924-25, Inter-Fraternity Council 1923-24, Most Representative Senior 1925

>News c1927: ex-'25, Assistant Branch Manager, Firestone Tire and Rubber Co., St. Louis, Mo.

An Appreciation

1925 Thistle (Page 361)

At the second annual smoker on March 28 the students of the College of Industries perpetuated the custom initiated the previous year of choosing from the graduating seniors that student who in their minds typified the most prominent and popular Carnegie Tech man.

Mike was born in Reynoldsville, Pa., on February 1, 1899. He enlisted in Company H, 112th Infantry, and served in France during the World War. He did not go unscathed, as he was wounded in action in the Chateau Thiery drive. After returning to America he entered Allegheny Vocational High School in 1920, and was quite prominent on the baseball team there. Mike entered the non-degree course the following year.

As a leader and executive Mike stands head and shoulders above any man on the campus. In his four years at Carnegie he has proven his ability to secure results. He is one of the few men on the campus in recent years who have achieved great distinction without the influence secured through varsity athletics.

Mike is an untiring, energetic worker of the constructive type. When he enlisted in the World War, he did his utmost for Uncle Sam. After enrolling at Carnegie he at once became a Tartan booster, and there was no task too small or none too large for him to undertake if it was for the betterment of Carnegie. Quiet, reserved and possessing a logical mind, Mike carefully weighed both sides of a question before making a decision. After reaching a decision, however, he expressed it in a clear, forceful manner, which left no doubt as to his sincerity.

Mike made an excellent showing on the freshman football and baseball teams, but he soon learned that he possessed greater talents in activities other than athletics, so he gave up the latter. He never once sought an office of student recognition, but is a typical example of the case where the office seeks the man.

Roll No. 49 Mr. Charles E. Craw

Initiated: June 14, 1923

Positions/Offices: IMC, SMC

Honoraries: Pi Delta Epsilon, Scabbard & Blade 1926

Thistle Board 1923 & 1924, Senior Editor Thistle 1925-26, Inter-Fraternity Council 1924-25, Assistant General Chairman of Campus Week 1926