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1983 - 1984

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

1079 Morewood Avenue

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213

Mark Weinsten


James Cromie


Christopher Dinnin


Mark Brado


Chapter History Report

None Available.


The Compubookie is a little green gnome who lives under the Panther Hollow Bridge. He had enough strength after nearly drowning last week [must have rained a lot] to hand in his annual picks for the 1984 Sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes 1984:

Compubookie predicts Pika, Beta Signma Nu to finish one, two three.

by Compubookie

Lat year's race made me a nervous wreck. Did Pika switch teams to aim its Bullet at Vixen? Chute, I won't push that, let's roll on to this year.

Is sweepstakes a zoo? How many Lemurs will there be this year? In all my years I've never seen so many new buggies. All of the top finishing organizations of last year have new three-wheelers. The races should be as exciting as ever.

Theta Xi and Phi Kap look very promising, while Beta, Sigma Nu, CIA and Pika will make their usual good showings. If you're keeping times for Fringe, SDC, SAE and DTD, bring a calendar.

Finally, you won't want to miss the exciting women and alumni heats.

ATO: They've' worked a whole year on their suspension, maybe they'll shock us with a faster buggy.

Beta: Beta is out to prove that they're boss with the presence of their intimidating push team. Although Vixen baled out, not to worry, they've echoed a duplicate. The question is, "Hey Jude, did you make it better?"

CIA: CIA has gone off-track with its buggies and pushers. However, their old charms have not lost their magic, and they will be top contenders again this year.

DU: I don't think they're a contender DU?

Kappa Sig: Safety has surely left its mark on Kappa Sig buggies.

Phi Kap: The Phi Kaps are trying to prove their theory that buggies roll faster on their sides than on their wheels. If it's wrong, it's kurtains for Phi Kap.

Pika: Three in the top six again? No such luck. Pika has yet another new buggy and will be good as always if they can decide which buggy to roll on race day. But if they don't bear down, they'll be scarcely what they were last year .

SDC: Skip 'em.

Sigma Nu: Like everyone else, the Zoo has copied the Lemur design. As always, they'll be fast this year, but did they fall for new pushbar technology?

Theta Xi: Theta Xi is pledging to have a field day with their new buggies, but when will they learn money can't buy everything?

ZBT: Thanks to a rush violation, the Zebes don't have a shot at buggy this year proving that drinking and driving don't mix.


Men's Heats

1. Pika A - Severl small advantages.

2. Beta A - Training harder than ever (except hanrder than Pika?)

3. Zoo A - Lacks competitive push team.

4. CIA A - That old black magic.

5. Theta Xi A - Trying to cash in on new buggies.

6. Pika B - or will it be Pika A, or C or D?

Women's Heats

1. CIA - As always.

Alumni Heats

1. Pika - The only ones that care.

Best Race: Heat 14

Winning time: 2:09.5

Compare these predications with the result below.


Pika swept all Sweepstakes categories, including a new Alumni record and the victorious debut of the sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta.

Results: Men's 1st Place and 5th Place, Women's: 1st Place

Course Record: PiKA 2:09.0 (set in 1983, 1 year ago)

Chairman: Todd Perri / Kevin McLaren



2:10.85 (Day 1)

2:09.5 (Day 2)

Hill 1- Scott Saxton

Hill 2 - Joe Scarci

Hill 3 - Steve Machernis

Hill 4 - Joe Honse

Hill 5 - Wayne Hollock

Driver - Greenfield




Hill 1 - Steve Krom

Hill 2 - Charles Emery

Hill 3 - Mike Havrilla

Hill 4 - Greg Valley

Hill 5 - Tom Marchok

Driver - Ciulla



2:14.27 (Day 1)

2:17.43 (Day 2)

Hill 1 - Jeff Kreulen

Hill 2 - Rick Ferrero

Hill 3 - Paul Loebig

Hill 4 - Bob Marcoux

Hill 5 - Todd Rieman

Driver - Evans




Hill 1 - Jim Cromie

Hill 2 - Jeff Pattera

Hill 3 - Dave Letchner

Hill 4 - Reid Sclafani

Hill 5 - Ira Androphy

Driver - Keith Shrieve


Roll No. 968

Mr. James Biehl

Initiated: October 30, 1983

Roll No. 969

Mr. Richard Michael Ferrero (Opie)

Initiated: October 30, 1983

Positions/Offices: Fire Chief

Buggy: D-Team Hill 2, B-Team Hill 2, A-Team Hill 2 (2)

Fire Chief (prior: Bob Downey, next: Mark Sladic)

Legacy (Brother): Bob Ferrero

Roll No. 970

Mr. Stephen Forrest Krom

Initiated: October 30, 1983

Buggy: Chairman, C-Team Hill 1 (2)

Roll No. 971

Mr. Richard Anthony Trombetta

Initiated: October 30, 1983

Roll No. 972

Mr. Jeffrey Howard Paterra

Initiated: February 5, 1984

Buggy: D-Team Hill 2

Roll No. 973

Mr. David H. Bart

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Buggy: B-Team Hill 4, B-Team Hill 2, A-Team Hill 4

Roll No. 974

Mr. Roger E. Berenson

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Roll No. 975

Mr. Robert S. Ferrero

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Buggy: B-Team Hill 5

Legacy (Brother): Rich Ferrero

Roll No. 976

Mr. Steven J. Francis

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Positions/Offices: SC, IMC, SMC

Roll No. 977

Mr. Stephen A. Jochnau

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Roll No. 978

Mr. Richard J. Kinkela

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Roll No. 979

Mr. Thomas E. Marchok

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Buggy: C-Team Hill 5 (2), C-Team Hill 1

Roll No. 980

Mr. Jonathan E. McDonald

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Buggy: D-Team Hill 4

Roll No. 981

Mr. David J. Merrigan

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Buggy: D-Team Hill 2 (2)

Little Brother: Evan Kaliner

Roll No. 982 Mr. Nicholas J. Pernokas

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Legacy (Brother): Art Pernokas

Roll No. 983

Mr. Andrew P. Pivacek

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Roll No. 984

Mr. Lance R. Sadler

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Big Brother: Tom Wickham

Little Brother: Dave Weiss

Roll No. 985

Mr. Mark Sladic

Initiated: April 28, 1984

Positions/Offices: Fire Chief

Buggy: Chairman

Fire Chief (prior: Rick Ferrero, next: Pete Malkemes)

Roll No. 986

Mr. Peter L. Visconti

Initiated: April 28, 1984