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1968 - 1969

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

5004 Morewood Place

Pittsburgh 13, Pennsylvania

Barry Gordon


Ruth A. Truxell


Chapter History Report

None Available.

Spring Pledge Class

The spring pledge class consisted of five: Gordon Kaplan, William Ruppert, Alfred Soltesz, Gordon Myers and Tom Wood. As part of a penalty for committing a pledge prank, they were required to stand guard over the living room for an entire night. They had to address each person who they could not recognize with a brick[1] in hand and the following statements:

"Halt Stranger, Who art thou that darest make sojourn through our living room. State thy name and purpose."

Masked brothers would attempt to get by the pledge class and then the pledges would stop them, unmask them and address them by name as follows:

"It is Brother Emerson, he is not strange. Proceed along your way."

This went on all night and although the brothers came in waves the pledges did not permit a single stranger/brother to proceed between the back stairwell and front stairwell without being identified. The pledges were not allowed to let their bricks down all night unless unmasking a stranger. These five were welcomed into the bonds of Pi Kappa Alpha on May 18, 1969.

Results: Men's 5th Place

Course Record: PiKA 2:20.9 (set in 1968, 1 year ago)

Chairman: Ken Jenkins / Dave Wade




2:34.41 (Day 1)

2:24.8 (Day 2)

Hill 1 - Mike Fotta

Hill 2 - Ken Janowitz

Hill 3 - Steve Sherman

Hill 4 - Richard Unterzuber

Hill 5 - Mark Emerson

Driver (Day 1) - Joe Fine

Driver (Day 2) - Carl Weber




Hill 1 - Bob Pasco

Hill 2 - Ken Jenkins

Hill 3 - John Snell

Hill 4 - Barry Smolowitz

Hill 5 - Steve O'Connor

Driver - Carl Weber


1. Bricks may have been the item of choice as new buildings to house four of the fraternities including SN and KS were under construction in this time period.


Roll No. 736

Mr. Ira S. Purgalin

Initiated: December 8, 1968

Roll No. 737

Mr. Howard R. Irwin

Initiated: December 8, 1968

Little Brother: Bob Smith

Roll No. 738

Mr. Edward Krivoniak

Initiated: December 8, 1968

Big Brother: Steve O'Connor

Roll No. 739

Dr. Gordon D. Kaplan

Initiated: May 18, 1969

Roll No. 740

Mr. William Anthony Ruppert Jr.

Initiated: May 18, 1969

Positions/Offices: IMC, SMC

Big Brother: Bob Ungaretti

Roll No. 741

Mr. Alfred J. Soltesz

Initiated: May 18, 1969

Big Brother: Steve O'Connor

Roll No. 742

Mr. Gordon W. Myers

Initiated: May 18, 1969


Roll No. 743

Mr. William T. Wood II

Initiated: May 18, 1969

Positions/Offices: SMC

Activities: IM Football, Sweepstakes Safety Chairman 1973 & 1974, Alumni Advisor 1974-1988

Big Brother: Wayne Harbaugh