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1957 - 1958

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

5010 Morewood Place

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Howard Hupe


Paul Hauser


Fred Smith


Chapter History Report

Filed by Carleton W. Carroll on May 26, 1958

The Beta-Sigma Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, located at Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, began the 1957-1958 academic year with a roster of forty-one brothers and four super-pledges. The year was spent in transient housing, the previous chapter house having been torn down during the summer months, preparatory to the construction of a new duplex unit on that same site. When this new, modern building is completed, one-half will be occupied by the Chapter and the other half by a chapter of another national fraternity on campus. For this past year, however, the Chapter was located in a rather antiquated and inadequate building which had been occupied previously by a number of different chapters on campus. The Chapter adapted itself to these somewhat adverse quarters, however, and managed to log one more successful year of its existence.

A hectic and successful rush week netted an impressive total of twelve pledges. Pledges James Akers, Thomas Brewer, Roderick Dibble, Raymond Fessler, William Hall, John Hubacher, William Ladd, Charles Meyers, David Morris, Hugh Murray, Robert Rosenberg, and Frederick Werner formed the fall 1958 pledge class. Of these, eight were initiated at the end of pledge training: Akers, Brewer, Dibble, Fessler, Hall, Ladd, Morris, and Murray. Hubacher moved to the status of super-pledge; Meyers, after having completed pledge training, transferred to the City College of New York; and Rosenberg and Werner had depledged, feeling that they could not adapt sufficiently to the ways of the Fraternity.

The Chapter came through the fall semester under the leadership of Brother Howard Hupe, SMC; Brother Paul Hauser, IMC; Brother Robert Harrington, ThC; and Brother Fred Smith, SC.

The first semester social program was highlighted by a number of spectacular and very successful parties, in addition to the usual enjoyable open house parties. Social activities for the year, in the line of special parties, followed a program which has proved extremely successful for the Chapter. Parties were organized around a definite theme, the nature of which varied widely from one occasion to the next. This theme was emphasized through elaborate decorations, including painted cardboard or composition board used on the walls to provide background settings. Along with the decorations these occasions featured appropriate music and costuming, which was done quite elaborately by some of the men of the Chapter and their dates. A definite attempt has been made to establish these theme parties as Chapter institutions by holding them as annual occasions. Thus some of them have become widely renowned on the campus, and are anticipated as important social events.

The fall season included, in October, a Bavarian beer party, featuring real German beer and sausages. German music, chiefly polkas, and appropriate costuming helped to make the occasion a real success. The next theme party, also held in October, was on a calypso theme, with similarly appropriate costuming and music. In early November the Chapter held a Monster Rally, based on Charles Addams' illustrated book of that title, and of course the costuming, and even make-up, for the occasion was simply frightful; the decorations again greatly added to the party. Also in November a gambling party on a Monte Carlo theme was held, and in December, in addition to the Chapter's traditional Christmas party, was a party on a theme of "Kismet," featuring decorations and costumes reminiscent of the Arabian Nights.

Elections held for officers for the second semester brought in Brother Louis Marquet, SMC; Brother Donald Tellalian, IMC; Brother Robert Harrington, ThC; and Brother James Willard, SC.

New names and faces appeared in the Chapter at the beginning of the new semester when the unusually large second semester pledge class was formed. Pledges Thomas Cametti, Carleton Carroll, Kenneth Daugherty, Lawrence Dominik, Garvin Findlay, Lawrence Flach, Stephen Mraz, Paul Regan, Theodore Ross, Samuel Sorber, and Thadus Twigg affiliated themselves with the Chapter. Of these, Carroll, Dominik, Sorber, and Twigg were initiated at the end of pledge training; Ross had depledged, believing that he could not fit into the way of life of the Fraternity; and the remainder assumed the status of super-pledge, anticipating initiation early in the fall semester.

Throughout the year the Chapter entered into campus competition in various fields. Regrettably the interest in these matters was all too often centered in one brother or in a small group, the Chapter as a whole not actively supporting such endeavors. It is hoped that this apathy will be reduced to a minimum in the coming year, since it was quite likely a prime cause for the Chapter's failing to excel in many fields of competition.

In intramural competition the Chapter entered a number of fields. The football team had its ups and downs, but failed to reach the playoffs. In volleyball, which was played co-recreationally with Delta Delta Delta Sorority, the team reached the championship but lost in a close battle. The second volleyball team reached the playoffs, but was defeated in the semi-finals. In bridge both teams reached the playoffs, but then lost to superior opposition. The basketball team was rather weak, but promise of future success was shown by some of the brothers who were initiated this year. The Chapter's soccer team, a perennial favorite, disappointingly lost its first and only game in a single elimination tournament. The Chapter's seniors rounded out their colorful careers and new men, perhaps future greats, entered the picture. Beta-Sigma has great hopes for the coming year, with a new generation of Chapter athletes coming to the fore.

In the field of scholarship, a Chapter strongpoint, Beta-Sigma's factor for the first semester was the second highest among the twelve national fraternities on campus. The Chapter factor was computed to be 2.439, based on a four-point scale, which was substantially above the all-fraternity, all-independent, and all-school averages. Beta-Sigma's scholarship was impressively demonstrated by the number of brothers who were called to campus honoraries. At Carnegie Day, during Homecoming, Brother Louis Marquet was called to Omicron Delta Kappa, national senior men's honorary; BrothersFrederick Heider and Edwin Rogers were called to Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honorary; and Brother Anthony Chamay was called to Pi Tau Sigma, national mechanical engineering honorary. At Carnegie Call Day, during Spring Carnival, Brother Raymond Fessler was called to Scimitars, sophomore men's honorary; Brother Donald Beaman was called to Delta Skull, Junior men's honorary; and Brothers Robert Harrington, Frederick Heider, Louis Pondy, Donald Tellalian, and Jack Walker were called to Omicron Delta Kappa. A noteworthy item is that of the eight men called to Omicron Delta Kappa this spring, five were from the Beta-Sigma Brotherhood.

In other forma of competition the Chapter was active and managed to secure a few trophies. In the Homecoming display competition, where the theme was Greek mythology, the Chapter's "Siegfried and the Rhine Maidens" ranked seventh. The voices of the Chapter entered Greek Sing competition, in March, and ranked ninth. At Spring Carnival the Chapter captured trophies for winning first and second place in plank jousting and second place in the buggy races. The carnival booth, featuring a voodoo theme in keeping with "That Old Black Magic" ranked only seventh, which seemed rather unfair, considering some of the competition; and the Chapter ranked in the upper one-half of the entrants in the field of buggy design.

The social events of the second semester began with a Valentine's party given by the brothers who had been the pledges of the first semester. In Late March the annual spaghetti and wine dinner, one of the highlights of the Chapter's social season, was held and was a great success. Elaborate decorations, including a working fountain, painted backdrops, wax-dripped wine bottle candle holders on each table, and Italian music and costuming contributed to the enjoyment of the occasion. In the evening, entertainment was furnished by the pledge class, who presented a melodramatic skit portraying various members of the Brotherhood. Exaggerated acting, costuming, and make-up combined to make a presentation which was very well received. In mid-April the Chapter's annual Dream Girl Formal was held at the Mountain View Hotel. In an impressive ceremony the Chapter's dream girl, Carolou Fidder, was chosen, following a fine dinner which was held in very pleasant surroundings. The middle of May saw the traditional garden party, which climaxed the social season. The whole first floor of the house was decorated like a garden, with branches and flowers artistically arranged, and another working fountain. A great deal of credit should be given to Brother Donald Beaman, the Chapter's Social Chairman, and to Brother James Frazier, Co-Social Chairman. for their contributions to the success of the Chapter's social functions through the detailed planning and decoration design which went into each party.

In mid-April new officers were elected. Brother Donald Tellalian, SMC; Brother Robert Harrington, IMC; Frederick Heider, ThC; and Brother David McMaster, SC, will furnish the needed leadership for the Chapter for the first term of the next academic year, at which time the Chapter will be located in its new home. The moving-in is scheduled for the end of the current season, and the Chapter is naturally looking toward the event with great anticipation.

Now at the end of the academic year the Brotherhood consists of fifty-four brothers and seven super-pledges. Beta-Sigma expects that the coming year will be a memorable one for the Brotherhood, a year of achievement, growth, and progress toward becoming a better Chapter, adhering ever more closely to the ideals of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.

Respectfully submitted,

this twenty-sixth day of May, 1958

Carleton W. Carroll,

Historian, Beta-Sigma Chapter

Chapter House Transition

During the prior summer those brothers who remained on campus were the last to reside in the mansion at 5010 Morewood Place. Graduating senior Bob Russell, who lived in the mansion after graduation while he started work in Pittsburgh, organized the effort to dismantle the large marble fireplace in June. The mantle was moved in pieces in brother Russell's Jeep and trailer and took a lot of manpower. It was stored in the basement of Morewood Gardens. This was done with the permission of the college and their agreement to install it in the new building.

Jimmy Frazier and Don Beaman in the pledge class of 1957 were the prime movers in salvaging some of the ornate aspects of the grand old mansion and seeing it reinstalled in the new house. Brother Bryan Werner recalls, "They were both very artistic guys, in the Painting & Design department as I recall."

As fall arrived the university set to the task of razing the mansion. A serious chapter in our history came to a close.

The photo here shows the mansion at the end of its final school year. This is a view from across Morewood Place. The intersection with Morewood Avenue would be just to the right off of the photo. The photographer is standing on the hill where today (2003) is the field just beyond the steps and the walk to Sigma Nu. This street, Morewood Place, will be completely eliminated and replaced by a walkway within 15 years. The new construction would be apparent on this site just a year after this photo was taken.

Temporary Accommodations

During this period the university razed a significant number of mansions and buildings. Much of this now seems truly unfortunate but was indicative of the air of progress of that time. Since the Thaw mansion was to be no more and construction of our new chapter house would only just be getting underway, our chapter had to take on temporary accommodations for this school year.

Another area on campus that was undergoing significant renovation was that on the South side of Forbes further up towards Beeler Street. This map (click for larger view) from 1923 shows the many mansions that were leveled in the process. Pi Kappa Alpha moved temporarily for this school year to the home shown second from your right. This property in 1923 belonged to J. S. Fickeinsen and was the only mansion of those along Forbes in this section remaining in 1957. The large mansion that appears furthest to your left on this map was located at the top of a knoll and housed the bulk of the college's foreign students. This mansion was razed to make way for the new Skibo Student Union (which was then replaced around the year 2000). The row of mansions subsequently became a campus parking area and the site of Carnival Midway for many years. In 2003 this area is occupied by a multi-level parking garage and the Carnival Midway has moved to behind Morewood Gardens.

The newly constructed chapter house would be ready for the 1958-1959 school year.


Results: 2nd Place

Course Record: ATO 2:25.0 (established in 1956, 2 years ago)


Roll No. 554

Mr. Dale M. Lutz

Initiated: December 9, 1957

Roll No. 555

Mr. Ants Mikk

Initiated: December 9, 1957

Roll No. 556

Mr. John H. Neff

Initiated: December 9, 1957

Roll No. 557

Mr. James W. Phillips (Jim)

Initiated: December 9, 1957

Roll No. 558

Mr. James S. Akers

Initiated: February 22, 1958

Positions/Offices: Pledgemaster

Roll No. 559

Dr. Thomas Brewer

Initiated: February 22, 1958

Roll No. 560

Mr. Roderick A. Dibble

Initiated: February 22, 1958

Roll No. 561

Dr. Raymond R. Fessler (Ray)

Initiated: February 22, 1958

Positions/Offices: ThC, IMC, SMC

Honoraries: Scimitars, Delta Skull, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Upsilon

President Omicron Delta Kappa, President Pi Delta Epsilon (National Journalism Honorary)

Roll No. 562

Mr. William H. Hall (Bill)

Initiated: February 22, 1958

Positions/Offices: SC

Little Brother: James Jubinski

Roll No. 563

Mr. William D. Ladd (Bill)

Initiated: February 22, 1958

Little Brother: Bob Meyn

Roll No. 564

Dr. David W. Morris (Dave)

Initiated: February 22, 1958

Positions/Offices: IMC, SMC, ThC

Roll No. 565

Dr. Hugh S. Murray

Initiated: February 22, 1958

Roll No. 566

Mr. William P. Laughlin

Initiated: February 6, 1955

Roll No. 567

Mr. Carleton W. Carroll

Initiated: May 30, 1958

Positions/Offices: Historian

Roll No. 568

Rev. Dr. Laurence A. Dominik

Initiated: May 30, 1958

Big Brother: Bryan Werner

Roll No. 569 Mr. Samuel R. Sorber Jr. (Sam)

Initiated: May 30, 1958