Update on the Fire Truck

Post date: May 7, 2018 2:41:42 AM

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Fire Truck fund. It is very much appreciated.

As an update, the truck has been in storage for seven years and is generally in good condition but will not start. Here is what has been done and still needs to be done:

1. Empty the gas tank and have it relined to eliminate corrosion. Completed

2. Drain and clean the fuel line from the tank to ensure adequate flow to the carburetor. Completed

3. Trace and confirm the condition of the wiring from the battery through the starter switch and coil to the distributor and magneto. Completed

4. Rebuild the distributor by replacing the points and condenser to validate spark to the plugs. Points and condenser replaced but still issues getting spark to the plugs. Needs additional work.

5. Confirm condition of the starter switch. The switch has a major crack in the housing which may be preventing current flow in the battery position. Needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

6. Clean and adjust the carburetor and validate gas flow to the cylinders. In process.

7. Clean and/or replace the spark plugs which appear heavily fouled. In process.

8. Inspect and clean the magneto and confirm current flow from the magneto to the plugs. Completed

9. Identify brothers and/or alumni who have interest in working on the truck. Ongoing

Once the fuel and electrical systems have been addressed we hope that the truck will start.

After that it's on to testing and addressing any mechanical issues (clutch, brakes, steering, pump) to assure the truck is safe to drive. Several brothers have asked about the projected cost to get the truck in operating conditions. While we won't know until we can get the truck started and attempt to drive it, I'm hoping we can limit the expenditures to under $1,000, excluding ongoing storage costs. Ideally we would like to find a storage location closer to campus (current location is a public storage facility about 25 miles away) at a lower cost. We have initiated contact with a commercial real estate agent to see what may be available.

Last, but certainly not least, is training one or more of the current brothers on how to drive and maintain the truck.

Please contact us at info@pika-bsaa.org for more information.