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1959 - 1960

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

5004 Morewood Place

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Gerald Ryder


David Morris


William Hall


Chapter History Report

Filed by Terence Cox

On September 6, 1959, Beta Sigma of IIKA at Carnegie Tech began its second year in its new and permanent house. Before rush week started, the 41 brothers and one super-pledge worked hard to make the house even more inviting to all new visitors. We added new chandeliers in the basement, new furniture and in two days, we had paved our patio by ourselves. It took much work by many brothers to get the patio in shape, and although it was not a professional job, even to this day there are no cracks on the surface. We owe much of our thanks to Brother Russell for his expert supervision of the job.

After quite a successful rush period, we pledged 19 men, five of whom depledged because of various reasons. On February 20, 1960, we initiated Rick Boroto, Jim Jubinski, Ed Lustig, Bucky Mills, Bob Moore, Tom Murphy, Barry Shane, Chuck Sioberg, Dan Spindler, Bob Stocking, Bruce Thaeler, Joe Volpe and Bill Walthour. John Glasscook was initiated the following May. These 14 men had as their pledge project the laying of a mosaic tile IIKA crest on the entrance way floor. They claim that this contains 1,327,582 tiles. The pledges also installed oak treads on the front stairs.

We started the year under the leadership of S.M.C. Don Beaman, I.M.C. Ray Fessler, Th.C. Dave Morris and S.C. Joe Grable. Our social year was well organized under the direction of our Social Chairman Larry Reehling. It was an outstanding year, highlighted by the traditional "American in Paris Party", "Pizza and Beer Party", the spook-filled Halloween party and the "Spaghetti and Wine Party". Homecoming was the big event of the Fall Semester, providing fun for all the members and returning alumni. Our display had as its theme "The Cold War". We thought it was good, but it did not win any trophy. The Fall semester concluded, technically, with the annual Christmas Banquet. Champagne and punch flowed freely and all had a great time. Just about four weeks later finals began.

The Spring Semester got underway under the leadership of S.M.C. Gerry Ryder, I.M.C.Dave Morris, Th.C. Ray Gindroz and S.C. Bill Hall. After a short rush period we obtained 7 fine men. Of these, one depledged and on May 30, 1960, we initiated Chuck Chriss, Ed Deveka, Joe Drake, Joe Fell, Ken Hanover and Bob Meyn into the IIKA brotherhood. Ron Flach and John Glasscock were also initiated on this date. With this initiation, the membership of the house came up to 63 brothers. The pledge project of the second semester pledges was the decoration of the Girls' powder room to continue the general motif of the rest of the house.

Our Spring Social calendar was as successful as our Fall Schedule. We saw the Gamma Sigs from nearby Pitt come to our house for a Joint Party. This was soon followed by the annual swimming party in the Tech pool. Greek Sing was one of the high points of the Spring semester. Under the splendid direction of Jim Willard, we came from the bottom to place fifth in the singing competition. We did not win, but everyone feels we are improving greatly. This years Dream Girl of Beta Sigma was held at the Baldoc Hills Country Club in early April. At that time, the brothers saw Mickey Coburn chosen the 1960 IIKA Dream Girl of Beta Sigma. She was accompanied by the runners up Elaine Frank and Caroline Nevins.

Perhaps the greatest event of the Spring semester or even the year was Spring Carnival. The Theme of the Carnival this year was "Miss, Misses or Mrs." - love affairs with a leap year twist. IIKA's theme was "Guinivere and Lancelot". Our booth consisted of a gaily colored Medieval tent centering around moving tracks showing Guinivere chasing Lancelot and eventually getting him. We felt quite confident of receiving a trophy for the booth, but we failed to get one. Nevertheless, we were not entirely disappointed for in the unusual Buggy Races. IIKA's number one Buggy, "The Shark", placed third in the race, and second in buggy design. So, after an uncountable number of man-hours of work, "The Shark" made off with two well earned trophies. Our Plank Jousting team also did quite well, by winning the second place trophy. The net result of the Carnival was three trophies for IIKA. The Carnival was highlighted by the appearance of the Four Freshmen for the Friday Night Jazz Concert. and the Tommy Dorsey Band for the Saturday night formal. We could say it was quite a prosperous and fun-filled Carnival for IIKA. Just prior to the start of the Carnival, the house finally received its much needed BRASS BAR RAIL. We owe much of our thanks to Alan Walmer and the "Murphy-Sioberg Committee".

In the line of sports, Pi Kappa Alpha placed high on the lists of many of the major intramural sports. Touch football found us in the semi-finals, but we were beaten out of the finals. In Soccer we won two of our three games which also brought us close to the finals. In Basketball however, the breaks were on our side, and after much hustling we placed second in our league. Softball season also saw us place high on the list. After the 1959-1960 sports season, we finally established ourselves as an athletic power at Tech.

Participation in school activities and honoraries was widespread among the brothers and pledges. Dan Spindler and Bob Stocking entered the Scimitars (Sophomore men's honorary), Fred Gottemoeller and Jim Sharkey entered Delta Skull (Junior men's honorary), and Ray Fessler entered ODK. (Senior men's honorary) and became president thereof. Brother Fessler is also president or PiDE (National Journalism Honorary) .

Our net worth at this time is just about $180,000 for the house and furnishings. The financial report for 1959-1960 is as follows:

The year 1959-1960 has been a very successful year in the opinion of the brotherhood, and we are looking forward t an even more successful year in 1960-1961 to carry on the ideals of φφκα.

Fraternally yours,

Terence Cox, Historian

Beta Sigma Chapter

Spring Pledge Class

On May 30, 1960 the following men were initiated into the bonds of Pi Kappa Alpha: Joseph Volpe, William Walthour, Chuck Chriss, Edward Devecka, Joseph Drake, Joseph Fell, Ronald Flach, John Glasscock, Kenneth Hanover and Robert Meyn. As a pledge class their project consisted of the cantilevered shelving system for the women's bathroom in the basement. The task was difficult to install due to the concrete walls. After that, the theory was, the chapter attracted a higher class of women to parties.


Results: 3rd Place

Course Record: ATO 2:25.0 (established in 1956, 4 years ago)

A-Team Buggy: Shark


Roll No. 600

Mr. Robert G. Boehm (Bob)

Initiated: October 25, 1959

Roll No. 601

Mr. Richard N. Boroto (Rick)

Initiated: February 20, 1960


Roll No. 602

Mr. James K. Jubinski (Jabbo)

Initiated: February 20, 1960

Positions/Offices: Pledgemaster (Fall 1962)

Buggy: A-Team Hill 2 (4)

Big Brother: William Hall

Roll No. 603

Mr. Edward Y. Lustig (Ed)

Initiated: February 20, 1960

Little Brother: Douglas Saunders

Roll No. 604

Mr. Fred U. Mills Jr. (Bucky)

Initiated: February 20, 1960

Roll No. 605

Mr. William Robbins Moore (Rob)

Initiated: February 20, 1960

Buggy: Chairman

Big Brother: Steve Mraz

Roll No. 606 Mr. Thomas H. Murphy (Tom)

Initiated: February 20, 1960

Roll No. 607

Mr. Barry L. Shane

Initiated: February 20, 1960

Positions/Offices: Fire Chief, SC, Rush Chairman

Honoraries: Pi Delta Epsilon

Fire Chief (next: Alan Walmer)

Roll No. 608

Mr. Charles M. Sioberg (Chuck)

Initiated: February 20, 1960

Roll No. 609

Mr. Daniel W. Spindler (Dan)

Initiated: February 20, 1960

Positions/Offices: ThC

Honoraries: Scimitar, Delta Skull, Pi Delta Upsilon

Little Brother: Ken Donnelly

Roll No. 610

Mr. Robert B. Stocking (Bob)

Initiated: February 20, 1960

Positions/Offices: Assistant ThC

Honoraries: Scimitar, Delta Skull, Omicron Delta Kappa

Treasurer Delta Skull; Student Government - Executive Council; Undergraduate Student Advisory Council; Campus Chest Chairman

Roll No. 611

Mr. Bruce K. Thaeler (Kummel)

Initiated: February 20, 1960

Positions/Offices: Fire Chief


Fire Chief (prior: Alan Walmer, next: Ed Escallon)

Little Brother: Elliot Milstein

Roll No. 612

Mr. Joseph W. Volpe (Joe)

Initiated: February 20, 1960

Plank Jousting Captain

Roll No. 613

Mr. William J. Walthour (Bill)

Initiated: February 20, 1960

Positions/Offices: Historian

Roll No. 614

Mr. Charles B. Chriss (Chuck)

Initiated: May 30, 1960

Positions/Offices: Assistant Pledgemaster

Big Brother: Jim Sharkey

Little Brother: Andy Langolis


Roll No. 615

Mr. Edward W. Devecka Jr. (Ed)

Initiated: May 30, 1960

Positions/Offices: SMC, ThC

Student Government - Executive Council Treasurer; Undergraduate Student Advisory Council

Roll No. 616 Mr. Joseph S. Drake (Joe)

Initiated: May 30, 1960

Positions/Offices: SC, Greek Sing Chairman

Little Brother: Dick Hack

Roll No. 617

Mr. Joseph D. Fell (Joe)

Initiated: May 30, 1960

Roll No. 618

Mr. Ronald D. Flach (Ron)

Initiated: May 30, 1960

Legacy (Brother): Larry Flach

Roll No. 619

Mr. John R. Glasscock

Initiated: May 30, 1960

Roll No. 620

Mr. Kenneth P. Hanover (Ken)

Initiated: May 30, 1960

Positions/Offices: Co-Social Chairman

Roll No. 621

Mr. Robert H. Meyn (Bob)

Initiated: May 30, 1960

Big Brother: Bill Ladd

Little Brother: Ace Seguiti