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1995 - 1996

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

1079 Morewood Avenue

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213

Jimmy Hsu


Ravi Pimplaskar


Chapter History Report

None Available.

The Year in Review

This was one of Beta Sigma's stronger years. With the 1995 graduation class leaving, they found themselves very low in numbers. That was overcome after an extremely successful fall Rush resulting in over twenty pledges. A focus on Buggy resulted in a victory as was predicted in the Spring Kilt. PiKA continued to dominate IM sports, campus and community involvement, and also academics, with Beta Sigma leaping into third place in the overall fraternity Q.P.A. ranking this past semester. PiKA spirit was reborn with some of the most enthusiastic brothers and pledges there have ever been. The brothers had hoped to get new furniture for the TV room and to get the fire truck up and running once again.

There were a lot of ups and downs in the financial department in this year. Starting in the fall, there were some financial difficulties, mainly due to the decrease in membership as a result of graduating seniors. Nearly one-forth of the house was without occupants. They did not receive any help from the housing office, as expected. Rent for the house had increased again, and new rule prohibited us from filling the empty spots by moving in all of the incoming pledges. Only one pledge was permitted to cancel his housing contract and sign over his housing dues. The chapter was left in debt in excess of $10,000.

Coping with the situation required the tightening of budgets and the holding of accounts receivable. The chapter was able to make it through the fall semester without any major changes in the everyday activities. A new housing contract required full payment, or a positive balance with the housing office in the spring semester, or the chapter would not be able to hold any social functions. Fortunately they were able to settle the housing bill by digging through past savings and collecting over 98% of chapter dues. The situation was successfully stabilized and there remained only some question as to the availability of funds for expenses moving forward. An appeal was also made to the alumni. The situation was handled very well by the Th.C., Jimmy Hsu.

North Atlantic Regional Conference

The North Atlantic Regional Conference this year was an inspiring experience. The conference was held on the weekend of February, 9th - 11th in Hartford, Connecticut. The Iota Chi Chapter at the University of Connecticut hosted the annual event. Our chapter was well represented with 11 members attending, 5 of which were pledges. Also, 3 out of our 4 high officers were present.

This year Dave Bauer, an Electrical and Computer Engineering major of our chapter, won the Most Outstanding Senior award for the Region. Dave will be returning to Carnegie Mellon next year to participate in the Fifth Year Scholars Program. The North Atlantic Region remains the largest region in the country. The conference highlighted the responsibilities that brothers have regarding risk management, rush, and chapter leadership. The seminars provided much useful information on how to make the house run more smoothly. The representatives from Beta Sigma also managed to enjoy themselves after the long day of enrichment.


Results: Men's 1st Place and 4th Place

Course Record: SPIRIT 2:06.2 (set in 1988, 8 years ago)

PiKA House Record: 2:07.05 (set in 1990, 6 years ago)

Chairman: Nathan Cormier / Eric Shapiro



2:08.47 (Day 1)

2:08.15 (Day 2)

Hill 1 - Chris Tomforde

Hill 2 - Jeff Butler

Hill 3 - Steve Endy

Hill 4 - Rob Gannon

Hill 5 - Jeff Polega

Driver - Terry Lacuesta



2:13.91 (Day 1)

2:16.66 (Day 2)

Hill 1 - Dave Rollins

Hill 2 - Dave Bauer

Hill 3 - Chris Rotelli

Hill 4 - Jim Statile

Hill 5 - Ravi Pimplaskar

Driver - Laura McClure




Hill 1 - Mark Prommel

Hill 2 - Nick Nicolella

Hill 3 - Ren Brown

Hill 4 - John Bascug

Hill 5 - Jon Mayes

Driver - Erin Gay


Roll No. 1161

Mr. Jason R. Heintz

Initiated: November 19, 1995

Big Brother: Jason Caldeira

Roll No. 1162

Mr. Brian S. White

Initiated: November 19, 1995

Buggy: D-Team Hill 3

Roll No. 1163

Mr. Jeffrey M. Butler

Initiated: March 1, 1996

Buggy: A-Team Hill 2 (2), B-Team Hill 1

Roll No. 1164

Mr. Philippe A. Flamant (Phil)

Initiated: March 1, 1996

Positions/Offices: SC, Rush Chairman

Little Brother: Jeff Mullen, Danny Orihuela

Roll No. 1165

Mr. Brian T. Hendrix

Initiated: March 1, 1996

Buggy: Chairman

Roll No. 1166

Mr. Brian M. Iovino

Initiated: March 1, 1996

Roll No. 1167

Mr. Sachal S. Lakhavani

Initiated: March 1, 1996

Roll No. 1168

Mr. Jonathan J. Mayes

Initiated: March 1, 1996

Buggy: C-Team Hill 5, B-Team Hill 4, B-Team Hill 1, B-Team Hill 2, A-Team Hill 1, A-Team Hill 4

Little Brother: Antonio Paez

Roll No. 1169

Mr. Brian Mendelssohn

Initiated: March 1, 1996

Roll No. 1170

Mr. Mark D. Prommel

Initiated: March 1, 1996

Buggy: C-Team Hill 1, B-Team Hill 1, B-Team Hill 2

Big Brother: Jeffrey Bricker

Little Brother: Eric Nicklaus

Roll No. 1171

Mr. David M. Rollins

Initiated: March 1, 1996

Positions/Offices: Booth Chairman

Buggy: B-Team Hill 1, A-Team Hill 1 (2)

Roll No. 1172

Mr. Richard E. Simmons (Bean)

Initiated: March 1, 1996

Positions/Offices: SMC

Buggy: A-Team Hill 2

Little Brothers: Peter Wach, Jason Nickell, Josh Burch

Legacy (Father): Jay Simmons

Roll No. 1173

Mr. Daniel J. Tischler

Initiated: March 1, 1996

Roll No. 1174

Mr. Prashanth Mekala

Initiated: March 1, 1996

Positions/Offices: Alumni Relations Chair, SC

Buggy: C-Team Hill 4