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1924 - 1925

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

4807 Baum Boulevard

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Chapter History Report

The school year of 1924-1925 found the following brothers back to pursue their course of study: Lloyd Amans, John V. Bowser, Charles E. Craw, Harold K. Cottrill, J. F. Christoff,G. H. Crankshaw, C. W. Ewing, R. J. Hawke, C. B. Heist, H. J. Jones, M. D. Kallfelz, F. H. Kohne, B. J. Kristof, J. A. McClarin, M. H. Oldham, P. G. Petri, P. A. Rice, H. A. Schwab, H. E. Wagoner and R. J. Winters. The officers for the term were Harry Schwab, S.M.C.; Charles E. Craw, I.M.C. who filled out the unexpired term of Brother Rogerswho matriculated at LaFayette College; Michael D. Kallfelz, Th.C.; Halsey Jones, S.C.; Richard Hawke, M.S. and Percy Rice, M.C.

Rushing season in the fall consisted of three dances and several smokers. The following men were pledged: John Bracken, Hugh Munro, Harold Illig, J. Winslow Jackson, Paul Hockenbury, John Rietz, William Brown, Paul King, Elmer Easter, Bartlett F. Carley, Irving Crawford, Joseph Marshall and Richard S. Tener.

On the evening of November 7th Beta Sigma celebrated Carnegie's victory over Pitt with a dance. The evening's affair being very successful.

At the first meeting in December the following offices were elected: R. J. Winters, S.M.C.; Charles E. Craw, I.M.C.; Michael D. Kallfelz, Th.C.; Brothers Heist, Kohne and Ewing were appointed S.C., M.S. and M.C. respectively.

Brothers Oldham, Petri and Crankshaw dropped out of school at the end of first semester. Brother Wagoner made S-carob and Winters made Pi Delta Epsilon.

On February 28, 1925 Beta Sigma celebrated Founder's Day by a banquet at which there were about 50 members of Alumnus Alpha Kappa present. The Alumni at the time gave the chapter a beautiful cup to be presented to the man doing the most for Pi Kappa Alpha during his four years in school at each succeeding Banquet. Brother Amans was elected to captain the 1925-26 Basketball team. The house Basketball team won their league, but were defeated in the finals. In the inter-fraternity track meet Beta Sigma was second and won the relay cup, breaking the track record.

On March 15, 1925 the following men were initiated into the sacred bonds of Pi Kappa Alpha: John Ralph Bracken, Irving Luther Crawford, Paul Espy Hockenbury, John Winslow Jackson, Hugh Stewart Munro and John Jacob Rietz.

On Qualification Day the following men were called to the various honoraries: Kristof, Christoff - Dragon; Crawford, Munro - Druid; Craw, Christoff - Pi Delta Epsilon; Winters - Tau Sigma Delta; Rice, Winters - Castle. Brothers Kallfelz was elected the most prominent and active man in Industries. Brother Christoff was elected to captain the 1926 Baseball team. The following officers were elected: J. F. Christoff, S.M.C.; Harry Schwab, I.M.C.; Brothers McClarin, Kohne and Bracken were appointed S.C.; M.S. and M.C. respectively. Kallfelz finished in school.


Roll No. 61 Mr. John Ralph Bracken Jr.

Initiated: March 15, 1925

Positions/Offices: MC

Tartan Staff

>News c1927: ex-'28, Assistant Division Engineer, West Penn Power Co., Irwin Pa.

Roll No. 62 Mr. Irvin Luther Crawford

Initiated: March 15, 1925

Honoraries: Druids

Captain Freshman Cross-Country and Track Team, Plebe Class Secretary, Captain Varsity Cross-Country 1926 & 1927, Varsity Track 1926 & 1927, Varsity Letters, "C" Club, Varsity Clan

Roll No. 63 Mr. Paul Espy Hockenbury

Initiated: March 15, 1925

Roll No. 64 Mr. John Winslow Jackson, Jr. (Jack)

Initiated: March 15, 1925

Secretary Plebe Class; Secretary Sophomore Class; Secretary Industries Senate

Roll No. 65 Mr. Hugh Stuart Munro

Initiated: March 15, 1925

Honoraries: Druid

Freshman Basketball and Track numerals.

Roll No. 66 Mr. John Jacob Rietz

Initiated: March 15, 1925

Positions/Offices: SMC

Honoraries: Scarab