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1930 - 1931

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

1445 Wightman Street

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Chapter History Report

Chapter History 1930-31 by James W. McKnight

Twenty-five active brothers returned to the chapter to start this school year of 1930-31 as well as two pledges. These two men and one additional were initiated about the middle of the first semester. One of the active brothers, Paul King, was graduated at the end of the first semester at which time Mason Wright returned and filled the otherwise vacant desk. A total of eleven men have been selected to wear the pi during the past year and of this number seven have been taken into the bonds. Beta Sigma will lose nine more men through graduation this year leaving us with twenty two active and four pledges to start the fall semester.

The brethren have this year worked in closer harmony than for several years past, and under the zealous direction of Harold Yeager the internal organization of the chapter has been greatly strengthened. Beta Sigma has risen in scholastic standing both on the campus and among the leaders on the Carnegie Campus. The officers, following, are to be commended on the performance of the duties of their respective offices:

S.M.C. Harold Yeager Senior

I.M.C. Leon Worley Senior

Th.C. Joseph Patterson Senior

H.M. Page Worley Senior

S.C. Francis Ray Senior

M.S. John Lord Junior

M.C. Ray Granston Senior

Social Ch. John Lord Junior

Alumnus Sec'y & Historian J. W. McKnight Junior

At the close of rushing season, Brother Yeager asked to be relieved of his office of S.M.C. as he had held this position for nearly two years. Edward Estabrooke was chosen to succeed him.

As has been mentioned, Beta Sigma has risen in scholarship. She now ranks third in a group of eighteen Carnegie fraternities with bright prospects of attaining even greater heights at the close of this semester. Nationally the chapter holds twenty sixth place. The rise is due in large measure to the work of a scholarship committee which was appointed at the beginning of the year whose duty it was to aid and advise every member. It would be difficult to pick out any one man and pronounce him the leading man in this chapter. We have in our ranks several honor students, one of whom holds a Founders' scholarship and has been called to Tau Sigma Delta, the allied arts honorary; I refer to Leon Worley our S.M.C.-elect. John Ladd, a sophomore in the Department of Printing is probably one of our most outstanding men. He is a member of Pi Alpha Delta, Printing honorary, Alpha Tau, College of Industries honorary, Vice-President of the "Y" cabinet, Advertising Manager of the Carnegie "Puppet", and a member of the house basketball team. He also led the house in its fall rushing season, and has recently been chosen junior editor of the "Tartan", the school weekly.

On May 1 of this year Beta Sigma will have approximately $550 to her credit at eh bank. Each man living at the house is assessed a total of $424 each year; this includes all of his social privileges except the cost of Founders' Day banquet.

This year two of our alumnae have lived with us: W. J. Eason of Beta Sigma and N. H. Blair of Beta Tau.


This year Beta Sigma was host to about 60 rushees, at which time the Rushing committee under the chairmanship of John Lord, work out a very interesting program for the two weeks rushing period, what at this school is deferred until about Thanksgiving time. The program included several dances, a bowling party, our annual swimming party. This last was held at Webster Hall due to repairs taking place at the P.A.A. tank. Reichold, Pittsburgh Press cartoonist par excellence, provided fine entertainment at one smoker while another night was given over to a very successful Bowery party. The rushing season closed with the following men pledged:

Henry Walter Engineering Yonkers, N.Y.

William Trimble Architecture Bellevue, Pa.

Clifford Carr Printing Lynnbrook, L.I.

Paul Gustafson Printing Mt. Lebanon, Pa.

Clarence Wright Engineering Roanoke, Va.

Everett Milans Printing Washington, D.C.

Rufus Darby Printing Atlanta, Ga.

After the close of rushing season the following men were pledged:

Ray Barger Sculpture Brunswick, Md.

Emil Stankey Printing Bellevue, Pa.

Gordon Knight Engineering Homestead, Pa.

Stanley Bussey Printing Pittsburgh, Pa.

Pledge Activities:

Carr Boxing mgr., track

Gustafson Kiltie Band

Trimble Band, Cross Country

Walters band

Barger Track (varsity captain)

Stankey Tartan, X-country, track, House basketball

Wright Rifle


Cross Country - P. Worley, Ladd, Stankey, Trimble Lord

Swimming - Estabrooke, Looney, Benson

Track - Lord, G. John, Stankey, Trimble, Barger, Brindle, Carr.

Tennis - M. Wright

R.O.T.C. - L. Worley (Capt)

G. John (Lieut)

Silsby (Sgt)

Milheiser (Sgt)

McKnight (Sgt)

Carr (Private)

Walters (Private)

Mauzy (Private)

Puppet and Tartan - Ladd, Stankey

Scholarship - L. Worley

Honor Students - Looney, Ray, Milheiser, Ladd, L. Worley, Barger

Scholarship rating - Campus 3rd, Nationally 26th

Intramural Basketball:

Champions of American League

Runner-up in intra-mural finals

Victor over Pitt chapter Kappa Sigma (runner-up on Pitt campus)

267 points to opponents 132

Won eight out of nine games

Team composed of:

R. Brindle (capt)

E. Stankey

G. John

M. John

R. Brocious

E. Sanzenbacher

J. Ladd

J. McKnight (mgr)

"Y" Cabinet - Ladd, Stankey, Brocious

Kiltie Band - L. Worley - manager

G. John - trumpet

Estabrooke - trumpet

McKnight - trumpet

Ahnfeldt - drums

Silsby - clarinet

M. Wright - Drum Major

Patterson - cymbals

Trimble - drums

Walters - horn

Gustafson - clarinet

Ladd - clarinet

Teknon - Silsby


Scabbard & Blade - Carter, Silsby (pledged)

Scarab - Swem, L. Worley, Ahnfeldt, M. John

Phi Mu Alpha - Yeager, Patterson, Estabrooke, L. Worley

Tau Beta Pi - Ray, Milheiser

Alpha Tau - Ellenberger, Looney, Ladd, Lord

Pi Tau Sigma - Ray

Tau Sigma Delta - L.Worley


Pitt-Tech dance - Nov. 8, 1930

A very enjoyable dance which was, as usual, a homecoming day for many alumnae.

Inter-fraternity formal - March 6, 1931

Wm. Penn Hotel

Dan Gregory's orchestra

Among those present were the following Pi Kaps:






Bowser Williams


M. John

G, John











M. Wright

The dance was followed by a breakfast dance at the house from 2 until 4 A.M.

Men's Junior Prom - Feb. 6, 1931

Wm. Penn Hotel

Zack Wyte's Orchestra

Atomizers for favors

Pi Kap's present:








Women's Junior Prom - March 20, 1931

Wm. Penn Hotel

Don Bestor's orchestra

Dinner served during evening

The following reported the prom as one of the most enjoyable to date:








Annual Kid Party - April 17, 1931

Chapter House

Entire main floor decorated with chalk drawings on brown wrapping paper and builder's cardboard

Military Ball - Nov. 14, 1930

Carnegie Union

Miniature sabers given as favors in grand march

The honorary cadet officers (charming young ladies) presented with their commissions.

Among them honorary Major Miss Ida May Campbell, very personal friend of brother Sanzenbacher

L. Worley received call to Scabbard and Blade

Pi K. A. representatives: Milheiser, Williams, Brocious, G. John, Silsby, Ray, McKnight, L. Worley

Founder's Day Banquet:

The outstanding banquet of the year held at Webster Hall. Reasonable tariff and fine dinner. "Tiny" Packer was the principal speaker of the evening and was introduced by Bobby Ashe, genial and capable toastmaster. brothers Worley, Estabrooke, Schriver, and Kallfelz also added their voices to address the assemblage.

Later in the evening Beta Sigma's actives opened the house to one and all for the night.

The following alumnae and actives were present:

L. H. Amans

R. E. Ashe

N. H. Blair

J. V. Bowser

J. R. Bracken

W. E. Chambers

W. J. Eason

A. B. Elias

W. T. Mantell

J. A. NcClarin

L. W. McKibben

W. M. McNeill

H.S. Munroe

J. L. Packer

M. J. Patterson

S. A. Pearson, Jr.


C. W. Fire

J. R. Gilbert

R. J. Hawke

V. K. Heckel

C. B. Heist

R. B. Hewitt

E. M. Jolley

M. D. Kallfelz

N. R. Korb

B. J.. Kristoff

J. S. Lloyd L. G. Shriver

H. E. Schwab

I . J. Shepard

L. H. Smith

C. Swanson

R. I. Swisshelm

J. M. Rea

C. M. Reynolds

L. F. White

C. T. Wissinger


Roll No. 126 Mr. John R. Brindel

Initiated: November 16, 1930

Roll No. 127 Mr. Roystan S. Powell

Initiated: November 16, 1930

Roll No. 128 Mr. Harold C. Ahnfeldt

Initiated: November 16, 1930

Roll No. 129 Mr. Stanley C. Bussey

Initiated: November 1, 1931

Roll No. 130 Mr. Raymond G. Barger

Initiated: April 26, 1931

Roll No. 131

Mr. J. Clifton Carr

Initiated: April 26, 1931

Positions/Offices: SMC

Activities: Tartan, Puppet Magazine, Student Council, School Social Chairman

Roll No. 132 Mr. Emil G. Stanley

Initiated: April 26, 1931

Name changed from: Emil Stankey

Roll No. 133 Mr. William A. Trimble

Initiated: April 26, 1931