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1925 - 1926

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

4807 Baum Boulevard

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Back Row: Tener, Carley, Wagner, Turner, Kallock, McClelland, Marshall, Heist, Munro

Third Row: Hockenbury, Bell, McNeil, Reitz, King, Waters, Winters, Easter, Brocius

Second Row: Lang, Amans, Crawford, Jackson, Bracken, Craw, Campbell

Front Row: Jones, Kohne, Hawke, Christoff, McClarin, Schwab, Ewing, Kristof

Chapter History Report

Filed by Brother Richard S. Tener on May 19, 1926

(All but the last 3 paragraphs appear handwritten in the original chapter Record Book. This typed report was filed with PKA Headquarters.)

The school year 1925-1926 was ushered in with the following men enrolled: Lloyd Amans, Joe Christoff, Harold Cottrill, Charles Craw, Irving Crawford, Clarence Ewing,Richard Hawke, Clark Heist, J. Winslow Jackson, Halsey Jones, Frank Kohne, Benedict Kristof, Hugh Munro, John McClarin, Harry Schwab, Harold Wagoner and Raymond Winters.

Rushing season started the second week; three rush dances were given, a swimming party in the Carnegie Gym Pool and several after dinner smokers likewise.

Bartlett Fenton Carley was initiated into the sacred bonds of our Fraternity on October 11, 1925.

On the evening of November 7, 1925 the annual Pitt-Tech house dance was held. Those present enjoyed a very delightful evening despite the fact that our team had been defeated in the afternoon conflict.

On December 13, 1925 the following men were given the ritualistic ceremony of our fraternity: Elmer W. Easter, Paul Dickson King, Joseph Melvin Marshall and Richard Steven Tener. After the ceremony the mid-year elections were held resulting in Brother Christoff's being reelected S.M.C.; Brother Schwab was elected I.M.C., while Brothers McClarin, Kohne, and Ewing were appointed S.C., M.S., and M.C. respectively.

Brother Amans captained the Carnegie basketball team through a mediocre season, his being handicapped by ineligibility and his own sickness. The evening of George Washington's Birthday witnessed another of Pi Kappa Alpha's house dances. We have always had exceptional music which adds to the zest of affairs.

On March 17,1925 the chapter was shocked by the sudden death1 of Pledge Sterling Grimes Turner III. He was to have been initiated in the evening, but a special ceremony was given to him the next morning. Brother Winters escorted the body home.

March 22, 1926 witnessed the admitting of the following men into our grand Fraternity: Victor Alexander Lang, Henry J. Bell, George Eaton Kallock, Lawrence Howard Smith,Lawrence William McKibben and William Masterson McNeill.

This year has been one of the most successful the chapter has enjoyed in intramural competition. All three cups offered on the campus were won: the Basketball cup permanently, the swimming cup, and the track cup. The following men won letters in their respective sports: Football: Christoff, Kristof, Marshall, and McClelland of Beta.Omega chapter; Basketball: Amans; Cross Country: Ewing. Freshman numerals were awarded to Pledge Campbell in Cross Country and track. Brother Christoff will receive his letter in track this spring.

In the spring election Charles E. Craw was elected S.M.C.; Norman Schade2, and Henry J. Ball were elected I.M.C. and Th.C3. respectively.

On March 1, 1926 the second annual Founders Day banquet was held in the chapter house and, like last year, it was a great success. The features of the evening included inspiring talks from Brothers Koller and Nelson of Beta Alpha, and the presentation of the alumnus cup. Each year, this cup is engraved with the name of the senior, who has done the most for II K A on the Carnegie campus. This year, both Joseph F. Christoff and Raymond I. Winters had their names engraved as both were so prominent that a single choice was impossible.

On May 7, 1926 the annual Mother's Day banquet was held in honor of our Mothers. This event is always looked forward to by the brothers and their mothers alike and this year’s affair came up to all expectations. The committee worked hard, but their efforts resulted in one of the most delightful affairs held during the year.

During Campus Week, -a Carnegie Tech social period- Pledge Campbell was called to Druid, a national sophomore honorary fraternity. During the same time, Beta Sigma won the Interfraternity Sweepstakes. This gave us our fourth cup which Beta Sigma won in athletic contests this year. This is a record of which we are all proud.


    1. Died at 2:20 PM on March 17, 1920, just a few hours before ritual was to have been given. Initiated on morning of next day by specially adapter ritual and with father's consent. Death was caused by a cerebral hemorrhage. Age 19 years, 3 days.

    2. Norman Schade was elected I.M.C. at the spring election although not initiated as a Beta Sigma Pike. Brother Schade was affiliated from Beta Alpha chapter.

    3. Last minutes entry in the original Record Book.

Greek Week

Friday morning has become known as the "Big Day" of Campus Week as with its arrival came some of the most enjoyable entertainment of the week. This year marks the first mention of a "Woman's Classic" race which was won by Forbes Hall by narrow margin.

This year also marks the first time in Sweepstakes history that preliminary trials were run on Friday and the finals on Saturday morning.

Pi Kappa Alpha was awarded the cup for speed and Alpha Tau Omega was judged to the the best designed. This marks the first win by our Chapter since our first year in 1922.


Roll No. 67 Mr. Bartlett Fenton Carley

Initiated: October 11, 1925

Positions/Offices: House Manager, SMC, Alumni Advisor

1935 Chapter Alumni Committee

Honoraries: Scabbard and Blade

Thistle Staff, Secretary, President, Senior Editor; Graphica; Battalion Commander R.O.T.C.; Rifle Squad; Military Ball Committee; Chairman Military Ball; Chairman Nominating Committee - Honorary Cadet Officers; Industries Smoker

Roll No. 68 Mr. Elmer W. Easter

Initiated: December 13, 1925

Roll No. 69 Mr. Paul Dickson King

Initiated: December 13, 1925

Positions/Offices: SMC

Roll No. 70 Mr. Joseph Melvin Marshall

Initiated: December 13, 1925

Varsity Football Letter 1925

Roll No. 71

Mr. Richard Steven Tener

Initiated: December 13, 1925

Positions/Offices: Historian

Varsity Tennis; A.I.E.E.

Roll No. 72 Mr. Sterling Grimes Turner III

Initiated: March 18, 1926

Passed away suddenly on March 17, 1926 the morning before Initiation. Brother Turner was initiated in a special ceremony the following morning.

Roll No. 73 Mr. Victor Alexander Lang (Vic)

Initiated: March 22, 1926

A. S. C. E. Treasurer; Rifle Club

Roll No. 74 Mr. Henry J. Bell

Initiated: March 22, 1926

Positions/Offices: ThC

Honoraries: Theta Tau

Head Cheerleader

Roll No. 75 Mr. George Eaton Kallock Jr.

Initiated: March 22, 1926

Positions/Offices: MS

Inter-Fraternity Basketball 1925

Roll No. 76

Mr. Lawrence Howard Smith (Ike)

Initiated: March 22, 1926

Graphica; Men's Glee Club

Roll No. 77 Mr. Lawrence William McKibben

Initiated: March 22, 1926

Roll No. 78 Mr. William Masterson McNeill

Initiated: March 22, 1926

Honoraries: Alpha Tau, Pi Delta Epsilon, Scabbard & Blade

Vice President of Pi Delta Epsilon, Treasurer of Scabbard & Blade, Freshman Swimming Team, Athletic Contributor to Tartan (1925 & 1926), Intramural Plunging Champ (1925), Sophomore Social Committee, Section Representative (1925), Junior Editor of Tartan1927, Managing Editor (1928-1929), Tri-Publications 1927-1928, Editor in Chief of Tri-Publications 1928-1929, Junior Asst. Manager (1927-1928), Manager of Freshman Cross Country Team (1928-1929), Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Chairman of Financial Campaign of Y.M.C.A. (1928-1929), Chairman of Military Ball (1928-1929), Captain of Co. E. (1928-1929), "C" Club, Campus Work Committee (1925 & 1926)

Mr. Norman Ross Schade

Affiliated: Beta Alpha Chapter

Positions/Offices: IMC

Graduated from Pennsylvania State College, February 7, 1928.