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2003 - 2004

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

1079 Morewood Avenue

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213

Chapter History

Fall Rush began on Monday, August 25, 2003 and continued for three weeks. Rush events and parties were held practically every evening during that period. On Pledge Night, Friday, September 12, 2003 a total of fourteen (14) new men rang the Pledge Bell. These men will get started with their training under Pledge Educator Bart Stewart.

In the evening of September 28, 2003 five new men were initiated into the bonds of Pi Kappa Alpha. The new brothers are: Flynn Jones, Geoffrey Weiss, Mayur Parepally, Austin Stankus and Hiram Vazquez.

The Chapter entered the year under the leadership of SMC Luke Woolley, IMC Randy Weinsten, ThC Adam Stoler, SC Burdell Schwartz,, Risk Manager Evan English, and House Manager Anthony Scolieri. On October 12, 2003 elections were held and the leadership transferred to SMC Bob Douglas, IMC Evan English, ThC Burdell Schwartz, SC Brian Morelli, Risk Manager Matt Long, and House Manager Tommy Matteo.

On October 26, 2003 an initiation was held bringing Justin Granger into the bonds on Pi Kappa Alpha.

The Spring semester brought us a third place in Greek Sing. There was a good possibility that we would achieve this when 2 of the other 5 organizations within our category were disqualified. Our performance was outstanding nonetheless.

The alumni have been coming around to help get the Fire Engine running for Carnival. There was an organized worksession consisting mainly of alumni held on Saturday, March 20, 2004. Quite a few alumni were here including Alan Walmer, Bruce Thaeler, Jim Plymyer, Bruce Cloutier, Dave Bauer, and Gib Miller. Brother Walmer was the first to drive the Fire Engine home to us from its prior owner the New Kensington Fire Department some 42 years ago (see story). This was the first time that Brother Walmer had visited the House and seen the Fire Engine in all that time. He was brought to edge of tears. It was a notable moment.

On March 21, 2004 elections were held and the leadership transferred to SMC Randy Weinsten, IMC Jeff Knupp, ThC Burdell Schwartz, SC Brian Morelli, and House Manager Anthony Scolieri.

Initiation was held on Sunday, March 28, 2004 and thirteen outstanding men were brought into the bonds. The new brothers were Charlie DeMattia, James Kim, Hussein Al Baya, Nick Chizzonite, Cory Stawartz, Greg Runco, Jeffrey Reeves, Steve Curtis, Joe Kim, Naveen Ghushe, Bruce Burnett, John Kubasick, and Lawrence Shieh.

Carnival was a most successful weekend for the men of the Beta Sigma Chapter. We took first place in the Women's Sweepstakes competition setting a new course and the first ever women's time below 2:30. The men's races were more nerve racking in that our A-Team did not qualify for the second day of races and we had to shift our resources to B-Team buggy. We also needed a little luck and it all came together as we brought home the Men's Sweepstakes trophy as well. It was a clean sweep. In addition to the buggies, the Fire Engine through the efforts of our alumni rolled proudly on campus. It is running the best that it has in several years. It is pictured here along with the PiKA Buggy Women's teams.

During our Carnival Sweepstakes celebration ceremony, the brothers awarded Nora Tewksbury the title of "PiKA Dream Girl" and Pi Kappa Alpha letters for her outstanding contribution in four years of driving for PiKA Buggy. As the Chapter has not held an official Dream Girl competition in many years, the brotherhood felt it appropriate to bestow that title in appreciation as Nora joins the honored ranks of alumni drivers.


After a cold and wet Spring with many cancelled weekend freerolls the weather gave way to consecutive days of clear skies and 80 degree temperatures just in time for Carnival. This would be the first 2-day Sweepstakes in many years.

We were excited by the possibility of a new women's record. We had set that record of 2:30.58 just two years earlier. This year with Jackal and two returning pushers from that record setting team there was a serious potential. Indeed the Women's A-Team run was exceptional and they posted a 2:31.04 not a half-second off the record with a chance to better that the following day.

While many of the men's teams were competitive our only concern was with Fringe A who had been rolling impressively through practices. Everything had gone according to plan as Brimstone was readied at the starting line. Our B and C teams had very nice runs earlier in the day and had earned spots in the next day's action. Fringe A had posted a sub-2:10 time.

At the gun Brimstone driven by 4th year driver Nora Tewksbury ignited up Hill1 and over Hill 2 where she received an excellent shove by Matt Long. Reaching the stop sign with perhaps the day's fastest time Brimstone flew into the chute and was carrying so much speed that it just couldn't hold through the turn. Nora began a very controlled slide and came to rest in the far hay bails. There was a few moments of concern as the Spirit buggy now several seconds behind had to drive into the hay bails in order to avoid Brimstone. There was no contact between the buggies but it sure did look like a spectacular crash. Everyone was okay but our hopes for a Day 2 victory were shattered at least temporarily.

Saturday came and there were numerous reruns and exhibition rolls. Finally they got to our women's heat. From the gun the run was flawless. Jackal was moving down through the chute and competently through the turn. The back hills accelerated and the Women's A-Team posted the first ever sub-2:30 women's time with a course record 2:29.83. It was an awesome moment.

The men's heats were still to come. Our newest driver and a Freshman, Abbie Bednar, had been rolling extremely well in Jackal. She had just set the women's course record time and brought the women the 1st place trophy. Now through a twist of fate she was in the position to do the same for the men. We also shifted the majority of our A-team pushers to B-team. It became apparent that we still had an excellent opportunity for the win. The B-Team had to run early and yet their roll was extremely impressive. We posted the fastest time of the day by far and held that spot right up to the final run when Fringe A came to the starting line.

Once again Fringe showed their abilities to roll and headed for the finish line with a time seriously below 2:10. We were crushed but only for a brief moment. It seemed like forever but then the announcement came that the Fringe Hill 5 pusher failed have his hand on the buggy as it crossed the finish line! That's an immediate DQ. He wasn't even close.

PiKA swept with both Men's and Women's 1st Place Trophies setting a new Women's course record in the process. Here are some points worthy of note:

    • We posted the first ever Women's time under 2:30.

    • Women's A-Team beat the next competitor by a full 10 seconds.

    • Women's A-Team beat 11 Men's teams who completed the course on Friday and would have placed 19th of 30 if included in the Men's competition.

    • We rolled more teams than ever before in Pike history.

    • We rolled the first ever Women's C-Team.

    • We rolled the first Men's D-Team in almost 10 years.

    • Brimstone was flying on Friday.

    • Women's B-Team was fast and missed second day action by only a small margin.

    • We have a Freshman driver with two trophies and a record under her belt.

    • We now have 3 in a row. We have never achieved 4 and have never been more determined to do so than now.

Results: Men's 1st Place, Women's 1st Place and 7th Place

Men's Course Record: SPIRIT 2:06.2 (set in 1988, 16 years ago)

PiKA Men's House Record: 2:06.71 (set in 2000, 4 years ago)

Women's Course Record: PIKA 2:29.83 (breaking our record set in 2002)

Chairman: Robert Douglas / Nathan Curtis



Spun Out (Day 1)

Hill 1 - Luke Woolley

Hill 2 - Matt Long

Hill 3 - Jeremy Stone

Hill 4 - Brian Morelli

Hill 5 - Flynn Jones

Driver - Nora Tewksbury



2:14.60 (Day 1)

2:11.70 (Day 2)

Hill 1 - Bob Douglas

Hill 2 - Burdell Schwartz (Day 1)

Hill 2 - Luke Woolley (Day 2)

Hill 3 - Nick Chizzonite (Day 1)

Hill 3 - Jeremy Stone (Day 2)

Hill 4 - Anthony Scolieri (Day 1)

Hill 4 - Brian Morelli (Day 2)

Hill 5 - Justin Granger (Day 1)

Hill 5 - Flynn Jones (Day 2)

Driver - Abbie Bednar



2:22.05 (Day 1)

DQ (Day 2)

Hill 1 - Joe Strickler

Hill 2 - Will Bennett

Hill 3 - Mike Hamlo

Hill 4 - James Wolfe

Hill 5 - Thomas Matteo

Driver - Whitton Frank




Hill 1 - Lawrence Shieh

Hill 2 - Joe Kim

Hill 3 - Hussien Al-Baya

Hill 4 - Steve Curtis

Hill 5 - Jeff Reeves

Driver - Lauren Devito

Women's A-Team


2:31.04 (Day 1)

2:29.83 (Day 2)

Hill 1 - Lauren Schmidt

Hill 2 - Bethany Lehman

Hill 3 - Joy Lee

Hill 4 - Danyelle Sinclair

Hill 5 - Jess Woods

Driver - Abbie Bednar

Women's B-Team



Hill 1 - Christina Liu

Hill 2 - Kristin J. Bevilacqua-Linn

Hill 3 - Alex Gutschick

Hill 4 - Rachel Elliot

Hill 5 - Linsay Costantino

Driver - Whitton Frank

Women's C-Team



Hill 1 - Julie Schoenfeld

Hill 2 - Jenny Dos Santos

Hill 3 - Jenna Colbaugh

Hill 4 - Barbie Demattia

Hill 5 - Kristen Henry

Driver - Lauren Devito


Roll No. 1281

Mr. Flynn Jones

Initiated: September 28, 2003

Positions/Offices: Co-Social Chairman

Big Brother: Jeremy Stone

Little Brother: Ben Liss

Roll No. 1282

Mr. Geoffrey Weiss

Initiated: September 28, 2003

Positions/Offices: Co-Historian

Big Brother: Bob Douglass

Roll No. 1283

Mr. Mayur Parepally

Initiated: September 28, 2003

positions/Offices: Community Service Chairman

Big Brother: Lee Berkowitz

Roll No. 1284

Mr. Austin Stankus

Initiated: September 28, 2003

Positions/Offices: Furnishings, Co-Social Chairman

Big Brother: James Wolfe

Little Brother: John Kubasick

Roll No. 1285

Mr. Hiram Vazquez

Initiated: September 28, 2003

Big Brother: Charlie Hamilton

Roll No. 1286

Mr. Justin Granger

Initiated: October 26, 2003

Big Brother: Joe Leopold

Little Brother: Navid Shams

Roll No. 1287

Mr. Charlie DeMattia

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Big Brother: Noah Tanzman

Roll No. 1288

Mr. James Kim

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Big Brother: Charlie Hamilton

Roll No. 1289

Mr. Hussein Al Baya

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Big Brother: Lee Berkowitz

Roll No. 1290

Mr. Nick Chizzonite

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Big Brother: Alex Cressman

Little Brother: Nick Jutila

Roll No. 1291

Mr. Cory Stawartz

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Positions/Offices: Co-Fire Chief

Big Brother: Tommy Matteo

Fire Chief (prior: Adam Stoler, next: John Kubasiak)

Roll No. 1292

Mr. Greg Runco

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Big Brother: Anthony Scolieri

Roll No. 1293

Mr. Jeffrey Reeves (Tweak)

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Big Brother: Brian Morelli

Roll No. 1294

Mr. Steve Curtis

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Big Brother: Matt Long

Roll No. 1295

Mr. Joe Kim

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Big Brother: Nate Curtis

Roll No. 1296

Mr. Naveen Ghushe

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Big Brother: Neal Sussman

Little Brother: Nitin Kabra

Roll No. 1297

Mr. Bruce Burnett

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Offices/Positions: Alumni Relations

Big Brother: Jeremy Stone

Little Brother: Shane McGuire

Roll No. 1298

Mr. John Kubasick

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Positions/Offices: Co-Fire Chief

Big Brother: Austin Stankus

Little Brother: Cihan Kadipasaoglu

Fire Chief (prior: Cory Stawartz)

Roll No. 1299

Mr. Lawrence Shieh

Initiated: March 28, 2004

Big Brother: Benaldo Hernandez