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1958 - 1959

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

5004 Morewood Place

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fred Heider


Robert Harrington


Chapter History Report

Filed by Carleton W. Carroll on May 25, 1959

Beta-Sigma Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha, at Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, began the 1958-1959 academic year with a membership composed of thirty-seven active Brothers and six super-pledges. A highly successful rush week in September brought to the Chapter an impressive total of thirty pledges, the largest pledge class to come to the Chapter in many years. Of these thirty pledges, six depledged during the semester for various reasons. The remaining twenty-four completed pledge training, and twenty were initiated into the Fraternity on February 21, 1959, the remaining four assuming super-pledge status. At the same time were initiated three of the six super-pledges mentioned above, two others having been initiated in the fall and the one remaining having left school.

The rush week which netted our many pledges was the first of the Chapter's activities in a brand-new house. An extremely hectic and tiring week of work had been necessary to get the new house ready, but the Brotherhood did it, and the campus was impressed by our new home.

The leading officers of the Chapter during the fall semester were SMC Don Tellalian, IMCBob Harrington, ThC Fred Heider, and SCDave McMaster. During the fall the social season, under Social Chairman Don Beaman, was highlighted by the Chapter's traditional "theme" parties, the Bavarian beer party and the Mississippi River Boat gambling party. Such innovations as an Oriental party and a Russian Gypsy party, which was organized by the pledge class provided much enjoyment for the Chapter. Homecoming was of course a big event of the fall semester, and our display, on a theme of "Sleeping Beauty" nearly -- but not quite -- won us a trophy. Chi Omega Sorority helped the Chapter decorate for Christmas, and a big Christmas dinner party started off the big vacation in grand style.

The social calendar for the second semester featured the traditional spaghetti-and-wine Italian party, an eccentric-costume "Auntie Mame" party, a detective story "Peter Gunn" party, and a pledge-organized Cuban party, as well as the traditional last fling, the garden party, which is held indoors. Other social events centered around Greek Swing and the Military Ball, not to mention Spring Carnival, the biggest event of the spring semester. The Chapter competed in all of the various events, scoring its greatest triumph with a long-hoped-for first place in the sweepstakes competition. Our Carnival booth, fitting in with the over-all theme of great robberies, presented "The Great Panty Raid of 1958." We thought that we had a definite winner, but the judges didn't seem to agree. However we were successful in getting quite a bit of money from the patrons who played our ring-toss game.

Another important event of the spring social season was the Chapter's Dream Girl Formal, at which Bev Scott, the fiancée of second semester SMC Bob Harrington, was proclaimed our 1959 Dream Girl. Her court consisted of Mary Ellen Timmons, close companion of past SMC Don Tellalian; and Elaine Frank, the pin-mate of Brother Bill Ladd. The Formal was a beautiful event, very well planned by Brothers Jimmy Frazier and Jerry Regan, and one of the highlights of the social calendar for second semester.

The Chapter was guided through the second semester by Bob Harrington, SMC; Don Beaman, IMC; Ray Fessler, ThC; and Ken Daugherty, SC. A rather less intensive rush program brought the Chapter five pledges for the spring pledge training session. Two depledged during the semester, but the remaining three successfully completed pledging, and two of these will be initiated into the Brotherhood on Memorial Day. The remaining pledge will assume super-pledge status. In late April elections were held for the next term of office, and Chapter leadership was assumed by SMC Don Beaman, IMC Ray Fessler, ThC Dave Morris, and SC Joe Grable. At the end of the year all of the initiations and departures will leave the Chapter with fifty-eight active Brothers, some of whom will leave via graduation, and three super-pledges.

The year in sports for the Chapter was one of development. Teams were fielded in all of the major sports, and generally good records were made, in football, basketball, baseball, and plank-jousting. The only championship won was in horseshoe pitching, but many among the Brotherhood believe that considerable success in athletic competition will be achieved next year.

In scholarship the Chapter ranked third among the fraternities on campus for the first semester, with an average of 2.329 (on a four-point scale). The first semester pledge class had the highest pledge class factor on campus, 2.40. Several members were called to honorary societies during the year. Scimitars, the sophomore men's honorary, called Fred Gottemoeller, Joe Grable, and Jim Sharkey; Delta Skull, the junior men's honorary, called IMC Ray Fessler to membership; and Omicron Delta Kappa, the senior men's honorary, chose from our Brotherhood SMC Don Beaman.

Chapter members participated in many campus activities during the year -- it hardly seems likely that there were many activities and organizations in which members of our Brotherhood did not participate. The Carnegie Technical, our award-winning campus technical magazine, was edited and staffed primarily by Chapter members, and the campus Y. M. C. A. had four of our Brothers in official capacities. Many departmental honorary societies drew members and officers from our Brotherhood, among them Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, the Society of the Sigma Xi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon, and Gamma Epsilon Tau. Several professional societies had our Brothers among their student membership, and many of the campus clubs and other student organizations were peopled by members of our Brotherhood.

The financial status of the Chapter during the year was generally good, although somewhat poorer than in years past. This was a result primarily of the unusual expenditures involved in furnishing the new Chapter house. The chief problem coming before the Chapter during the year, or at least one of the major problems, was in the area of finances, namely the delinquency in payment of housebills by a number of the Brothers. This rather regrettable situation, we trust, will be resolved in time.

And now the thirty-eighth year of Beta-Sigma Chapter draws to a close. The general consensus. among the Brotherhood would seem to be that this has been quite a successful year for the Chapter. With graduation in June we will lose many of our good men, but we gained many to replace them in the many pledges received into the Chapter. As always the Chapter looks forward to the next year with expectations that, with responsible and capable officers serving a zealous Brotherhood, the Chapter will experience great achievement, growth, and progress toward becoming a better chapter and living for the ideals of φφκα.

Respectfully submitted,

this 25th day of May, 1959,

Carleton W. Carroll, Historian

Beta-Sigma Chapter

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

A New Chapter House and a New Era

Oriental Party - Also in fully decorated Chapter Room

Bavarian Beer Party - September 20, 1958

In the basement Chapter Room before any woodwork and fully decorated for the party.


As the start of classes approached in the Fall of 1958 there was a level or excitement amongst the brothers of our chapter. They were moving into a new chapter house and a new home. The university was in the process of completing construction on the new building at 5004 Morewood Place (later to be re-addressed as 1079 Morewood Avenue when Morewood Place is closed). This building occupied the exact location of the Ben Thaw mansion and our prior home. While our location had not changed the facilities had. The fresh and new facilities fostered a fresh and new outlook on the future.

The university would eventually complete four duplexes. We were to share the physical building with Delta Tau Delta although the houses were essentially separate. The entrance for DTD would be just up the road on Morewood Place.

While the facility was new and modern we had managed to retain the memory of the prior mansion and the tradition that had become part of chapter history. To begin with two of the Italian Marble fireplaces that had graced our mansion were now carefully restored as part of the new chapter house. The carved 15th century fireplace that had been imported from Italy with a price tag of $15,000 at the turn of the century was now prominently positioned in our basement which was carefully finished with ornate woodwork also from the mansion. Even the bar in the basement would be built from the wood doors that originally hung in the mansion.


Results: 1st Place

Course Record: ATO 2:25.0 (established in 1956, 3 years ago)

A-Team Buggy: Shark


Roll No. 570

Dr. Kenneth E. Daugherty (Ken)

Initiated: October 26, 1958

Positions/Offices: SC

Roll No. 571

Mr. Stephen J. Mraz Jr. (Steve)

Initiated: October 26, 1958

Little Brother: Rob Moore

Roll No. 572

Mr. Steven H. Bell (Steve)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Roll No. 573

Dr. William R. Burns Jr. (Bob)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Big Brother: Al Albright

Roll No. 574 Mr. Lawrence L. Flach (Larry)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Legacy (Brother): Ron Flach

Roll No. 575

Mr. Frederick J. Gottemoeller (Fred)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Positions/Offices: ThC, IMC

Honoraries: Scimitars, Delta Skull, Omicron Delta Kappa

Roll No. 576

Mr. Raymond L. Gindroz (Ray)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Positions/Offices: ThC, IMC

Honoraries: Pi Delta Epsilon

Roll No. 577

Mr. Joe F. Grable

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Positions/Offices: SC

Honoraries: Scimitars

Roll No. 578

Mr. Peter W. Haley (Pete)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Positions/Offices: House Manager

Roll No. 579

Mr. William L. Houck Jr. (Bill)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Positions/Offices: SC

Varsity Rifle

Roll No. 580

Mr. John S. Hubacher (Jack)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Roll No. 581

Mr. Paul M. Kabler

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Roll No. 582

Mr. Karl P. Klein (Phil)

Initiated: February 21, 1959


Roll No. 583

Mr. Lewis Arthur Lubetz (Art)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Little Brother: Walt Kirchofer

Roll No. 584

Mr. David J. Moorhead (Dave)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Roll No. 585

Mr. Colyn L. Phillips

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Roll No. 586 Unused

Roll No. 587

Mr. Paul G. Regan Jr. (Gerry)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Positions/Offices: House Manager

Roll No. 588 Unused

Roll No. 589 Mr. Lawrence C. Reehling (Larry)

Initiated: February 20, 1959

Positions/Offices: IMC, Social Chairman

Roll No. 590

Mr. Charles E. Schatvet Jr. (Chuck)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Roll No. 591

Mr. John M. Scott Jr. (Mike)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Honoraries: Eta Kappa Nu

Varsity Rifle

Roll No. 592 Mr. James R. Sharkey Jr. (Jim)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Positions/Offices: IMC, SMC, Pledgemaster

Honoraries: Scimitars, Delta Skull, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi

Varsity Track; Student Council Chief Justice

Little Brother: Ed Devecka

Legacy (Brother): Richard Sharkey

Roll No. 593

Mr. Anthony J. Spear (Tony)

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Roll No. 594 Mr. Chase T. Springer (Chuck)

Initiated: February 20, 1959


Roll No. 595

Mr. Ralph Bartholomew Vroman (Bruce)

Initiated: February 20, 1959

Roll No. 596

Mr. Alan M. Walmer

Initiated: February 21, 1959

Positions/Offices: Barman, House Manager, SMC, Fire Chief


Fire Chief (prior: Barry Shane, next: Bruce Thaeler)

Big Brother: Don Tellalian

Roll No. 597

Mr. Ellis B. Rittenhouse Jr.

Initiated: May 30, 1959

Roll No. 598

Mr. Robert G. Wallace (Bob)

Initiated: May 30, 1959

Roll No. 599 Mr. Terence J. Cox (Terry)

Initiated: May 30, 1959

Positions/Offices: Historian, House Manager