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1962 - 1963

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

5004 Morewood Place

Pittsburgh 13, Pennsylvania

Douglas Saunders


Mom Waechter


Chapter History Report

Filed by Richard L. Hack on May 13, 1963

On September 12, 1962 we began our work week with twenty-two brothers, a super-pledge and two pledges; everybody worked, and the house was put into excellent shape. During that week, we also aided the girls at the girl's dormitory with their luggage, thus obtaining many rush girls as well as spreading the name of Pi Kappa Alpha among the freshman.

This year showed promise for the chapter. Since membership was lower than it had been for many years, we realized that rush was very important to us; thus, we made rush a concentrated effort, and a strong sense of unity emerged from our common goal. After many preparations for rush, our successfulness in pledging twenty-five men raised our morale considerably. Fourteen of these pledges were initiated in early February, and three remained super-pledges. The brothers realized that the house was well on its way to a large membership.

Second semester rush brought us five pledges. Three of these pledges will be initiated at the end of May, the other two waiting until next year. All of our current pledges show an extreme enthusiasm for the fraternity.

Our new alumnus counselor, replacing Dean Larry Canjar, is Lou Pondy, and our faculty advisor remains Dr. Hugh Young. Both brothers and Dr. Young were extremely helpful in problems which have arisen, and in their encouragement to the fraternity.

During the festivities of Spring Carnival, we officially installed on the front of the house a cast aluminum plaque of the fraternity crest. Bill Walthour made the clay model for the plaque, and Terry Cox made the arrangements for its casting and installation. After the casting, Terry spent over a week polishing the crest by hand. It was dedicated to Je Helt, son of brother Herbert Helt, who was recently initiated at the National Convention, and has remained close to the house in spite of his busy career.

Also at Spring Carnival we won first place in one of the most important school events of the year, the buggy races, with a time of 2:31.75 minutes. Bob Moore, our buggy chairman, and Ed Escallon worked day and night to finish the buggy in time for the races. Ed Escallon drove, while Jim Jubinski, trainer, Bill Elsey, Bob Wolfe, Bruce Thaeler, and Bob Frascarelli pushed. We also placed first in plank jousting.

At the beginning of May, Tom Pyke was elected chairman of Student Congress after a vigorous campaign. Five of our brothers are also on Student Congress, four representing departments and on representing the fraternity.

Next year will be the last year of immediate rush. We look forward to a good rush and the return of twenty-nine brothers, four super-pledges, and one pledge.


During the first half of the fall semester the officers were:

The officers elected during the first semester were:

The officers elected during the second semester were:


This year, the chapter entered teams in football, soccer, basketball, rifle, swimming, and track. We came in as the first fraternity in soccer, second in the school, with Bruce Thaeler doing an excellent job as captain. We also did well in track, although we did not take a trophy.


We had many excellent parties and social activities this year due to the fine work of Walt Page and Elliot Milstein. Besides our traditional Bavarian Beer Party, we had many varied theme parties, including a Showboat Party.

The Fall Festival theme this year was "Greek Legend". Our display consisted of a mechanical Trojan Horse which opened up to reveal a spear-brandishing warrior, ready to face the enemy. The fire truck led the parade to the bonfire; it was also seen before that at some football games during rush.

Our last major party before the end of the semester was the Christmas Party, preceded by the annual Tree Trimming Party with Chi Omegas. According to the girls, we had the best Christmas Party on campus.

Beginning the second semester was the pledge part, with a "Prohibition" theme. Later in the year, we held our yearly Spaghetti and Wine Party, with the Italian brother cooking, in answer to a challenge posed by the Jewish brothers at the earlier Jewish Dinner.

In Greek Sing we tied for forth, singing The Slope of the Hill and Zekil Saw the Wheel. Tom Pyke directed the nineteen singers.

Our Dream Girl Formal, at the Highland Country Club, proved very enjoyable. Our Dream Girl was Maryanne Sweeny, and her court was composed of Marty McCallister and Barbara Potts.

The theme for Spring Carnival this year was "Phenomenal Phliques". Aside from winning our two first place trophies, our booth was successful in making forty dollars, which we donated to the American Cancer Society. This Wizard of Oz golf game, although it only came in fifth, was very popular among the visitors to the midway.

The final party of the year was a Calypso Party. It came on the weekend before the final week before finals.


Alan Walmer At The Wheel


Bothers in honoraries this past year:

Brothers elected to honoraries for next year:


Brothers in activities this past year:

Brothers elected to activities for next year:


Walt Page

Andy Langlois

Dick Hack

Joe Sandulli, Chairman of Orientation Week Committee

Tom Pyke, Chairman


At the end of the first semester, Beta Sigma ranked eleven out of twelve, with a 2.120 factor, putting us on the Council of Fraternity Presidents' scholastic probation. This means only four parties a month. We have eight scholarship holders.


Six of our brothers went to Gannon College to help install the new Pi Kappa Alpha chapter, Epsilon Upsilon.

A Christmas party was given by our chapter at a nearby orphanage. Art Lubetz was a jovial Santa Claus. We gave ice cream, cookies, and toys to the children.

Our first semester pledge class spent a day downtown giving its time to the Heart Fund.

Next year looks very promising for Pi Kappa Alpha. We have improved our financial status, and our social standing on campus is much improved. We have a strong sense of unity and a spirit for the fraternity. With a good rush next year, we hope to be able to carry out the ideals of φφκα in the coming years.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard L. Hack

May 13, 1963


Results: 1st Place

Course Record: ATO 2:25.0 (established in 1956, 7 years ago)

Chairman: Rob Moore



Hill 1 - Bill Elsey

Hill 2 - James Jubinski

Hill 3 - Bob Frascarelli

Hill 4 - Bruce Thaeler

Hill 5 - Bob Wolfe

Driver - Eduardo Escallon

Elsey(1), Jabbo(2), Frascarelli(3), Kummel(4), Wolfe(5)

Escallon & Shark


Roll No. 638

Mr. George M. Perinis

Initiated: October 14, 1962

Little Brother: Stan Perper

Roll No. 639

Mr. Eduardo C. Escallon (Epsilon)

Initiated: December 17, 1962

Positions/Offices: Fire Chief, IMC

Buggy: Driver, Chairman

Fire Chief (prior: Bruce Thaeler, next: Ben Brown)


Roll No. 640

Mr. Henry Z. Shelton (Hal)

Initiated: December 17, 1962

Positions/Offices: SMC

Buggy: Driver


Roll No. 641

Mr. Leroy P. Gunner

Initiated: February 16, 1963

Positions/Offices: IMC, SMC

Honoraries: Delta Skull

Student Congress

Big Brother: Doug Saunders

Little Brothers: Ray Morse, Tim MacMillan, Ken Jenkins

Roll No. 642

Mr. Joseph D. Bowman Jr. (Joe)

Initiated: February 16, 1963

Positions/Offices: Assistant ThC, ThC, IMC

Honoraries: Scimitars, Delta Skull

Student Court Justice

Big Brother: Andy Langlois

Roll No. 643

Mr. Robert B. Peterson (Bob)

Initiated: February 16, 1963

Positions/Offices: SC

Roll No. 644

Mr. David A. Allshouse (


Initiated: February 16, 1963


Roll No. 645

Mr. Charles Kaufmann (Charlie)

Initiated: February 16, 1963

Positions/Offices: Steward, Rush Chairman

Big Brother: Jack Elsey

Little Brothers: Bill Schlosberg, Charlie Cleveland


Roll No. 646

Mr. Richard L. Hack (Dick)

Initiated: February 16, 1963

Positions/Offices: Historian, House Manager

Student Congress

Big Brother: Joe Drake

Little Brother: Mike Vargo

Legacy (Brother): Harvey Hack


Roll No. 647

Mr. Elliott S. Milstein

Initiated: February 16, 1963

Positions/Offices: Co-Social Chairman

Big Brother: Bruce Thaeler

Roll No. 648

Mr. Kenneth B. Adler (Ken)

Initiated: February 16, 1963


Roll No. 649

Mr. Stanley J. Perper (Stan)

Initiated: February 16, 1963

Positions/Offices: Assistant ThC, ThC

Big Brother: George Perinis

Little Brother: David Simons


Roll No. 650

Mr. Kenneth J. Donnelly (Ken)

Initiated: February 16, 1963

Big Brother: Dan Spindler

Little Brother: Hank Krokosky

Roll No. 651

Mr. Theodore Francis Skiba (Ted)

Initiated: February 16, 1963

Roll No. 652

Mr. William E. Suhie (Bill)

Initiated: February 16, 1963

Roll No. 653

Mr. Michael G. Emerson (Mike)

Initiated: February 16, 1963

Varsity Athletics

Little Brother: Gary Ghertner

Legacy (Brother): Mark Emerson


Roll No. 654

Mr. Luis A. Zaera (Lou)

Initiated: February 16, 1963

Positions/Offices: Steward

Big Brother: Lou Pondy

Roll No. 655

Dr. Timothy G. Hiss (Tim)

Initiated: May 25, 1963

Positions/Offices: House Manager

Student Congress - Committee Head

Roll No. 656

Mr. James R. McChesney (Jim)

Initiated: May 25, 1963

Positions/Offices: Booth Chairman

Roll No. 657

Mr. Dennis Ogden Taylor

Initiated: May 25, 1963

Positions/Offices: SC, Greek Sing Chairman

Big Brother: Walt Page