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1923 - 1924

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

4807 Baum Boulevard

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Chapter History Report

The following brothers returned for the year 1923-24; Seniors - Glover, Gilbert, Thayer,Thormin, Delo; Juniors - Hayden, Schwab, Jones, Brook, W. D. Smith, and Kallfelz; Sophomores - Wagoner, Winters, Oldham, Reeves, Rice, Petri, Amans, Christoff, Rogers,Kristof, and Craw.

The following men were pledged to Pi Kappa Alpha up to this time: White, Crankshaw, Ford, Hougan, McClarin, Minor, Cottrill, Bowser, Ewing, Hawke, I. Smith, Wissinger,Heist, Kearns, Mount, Hean and Kohne.

Oct 22, 1923, Pledges White and Crankshaw were formally initiated into Pi Kappa Alpha.

We were pleased to have Brother Johnson, District Princeps, with us for the Notre Dame football game on Nov 24, 1923.

The following offices were elected Dec 3, 1923; S.M.C. Brother Glover, I.M.C. Brother Kallfelz, Th.C. Brother W. D. Smith. The S.M.C. appointed the following S.C. Brother Gilbert, M.C. Brother Rogers, M.S. Brother Christoff.

On Jan 15, 1924, Brother Craw was taken sick with Scarlet Fever and the house quarantined for 10 days. Quarantine was removed the day before examinations and this was the cause of the Pi Kappa Alpha having a rather low scholastic standing, having no review.

The following brothers dropped out of school at the end of first semester: W. D. Smith, Craw, White and Amans. Brother Kallfelz was appointed Th.C. in W. D. Smith's stead.

On Feb 4, 1924, Pledge McClavin also took Scarlet Fever. Quarantine caused all the men in the house to have a bad start in their second semester of school.

Pledges I. Smith, Heist, Cottrill and Hawke were formally initiated into Pi Kappa Alpha, March 9, 1929.

Brother Brook was elected as a delegate to the national Pi Kappa Alpha Convention in St. Louis, April 22-25, 1924.

Our basketball team were the intramural champions. The went through the entire season including the finals without a defeat, thus bringing another cup into our house.

Brother Christoff resigned as M.S. and Brother Hawke appointed in his stead, March 23, 1924.

Brothers Delo, Gilbert, Glover, Thayer, and Thormin graduated.


Roll No. 50

Mr. Leland Frank White

Initiated: October 22, 1923

>News c1927: ex-'26, Works Correspondent, Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Roll No. 51 Mr. Harold G. Crankshaw

Initiated: October 22, 1923

Roll No. 52

Mr. Irving S. Smith

Initiated: March 9, 1924

Roll No. 53 Mr. Clark Bensen Heist

Initiated: March 9, 1924

Positions/Offices: SC

Musical Clubs 1922-23, Treasurer S.I.E.

>News c1927: B.S. '26, Engineer, Manufacturer's Gas & Electric Co., Patton, Pa.

Roll No. 54 Mr. Harold Kenner Cottrill (Skinny)

Initiated: March 9, 1924

Instrumental Club

>News c1927: B.S. '26, Construction Engineer, Conley & deMey, Wilkinsbrug, Pa.

Roll No. 55 Mr. Richard John Hawke (Dick)

Initiated: March 9, 1924

Positions/Offices: MS

Honoraries: Phi Kappa Mu, Alpha Tau

Regulations Committee; Plebe Judge; Cheer Leader 1923-24, Thistle Board 1923-24, 1st Assistant Cheer Leader 1924-25, Business Manager Cheer Leaders, Earned "C" for Cheer-Leading; Interfraternity Basketball; Secretary Senior Class; Industries Smoker

>News c1927: B.S. '26, Instructor in Vocational Education, Ellwood City, Pa.

Roll No. 56 Mr. Frank Herman Kohne (Frankie)

Initiated: May 25, 1924

Positions/Offices: MS

Inter-Fraternity Basketball 1924, 25 & 26; Commercial Club

>News c1927: B.S. '26, Salesman, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Roll No. 57 Mr. C. Edson Wissinger

Initiated: May 25, 1924

Treasurer of the Beta Sigma Building Corporation

Tartan Staff

Roll No. 58 Mr. John Victor Bowser

Initiated: May 25, 1924

Freshman Baseball, Basketball Manager, Senate Representative (Soph), Sophomore Hop Committee

>News c1927: ex-'27, Student, Washington and Lee University, Wampum, Pa.

Roll No. 59 Mr. John A. McClarin

Initiated: May 25, 1924

Positions/Offices: SC

Roll No. 60 Mr. Clarence William Ewing

Initiated: May 25, 1924

Positions/Offices: MC

Freshman Football & Track, Varsity Cross-Country, Varsity Track