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1963 - 1964

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

5004 Morewood Place

Pittsburgh 13, Pennsylvania

Leroy Gunner


Bob Petersen


Mom Waechter


Chapter History Record

Filed by Richard L. Hack on May 11, 1964

We returned to school on September 9, 1963 with twenty-six brothers, two superpledges, and one pledge. Work week went smoothly this year, with everybody anxious to get the house into perfect condition for the coming semester. As usual, we were also over at the girls' dormitory, to aid the girls with their luggage, and to obtain rush girls.

We realized that rush was very important to us if we were to fill our house next year. We needed over twelve men extra to begin to pay our debt to the school. And extra men in the dormitories would aid us in rush. Therefore, we set up our rush program with a goal of twenty men in mind. Although we did not reach our goal, we did pledge fifteen men, seven of which were initiated, four remaining superpledges.

This year our problem was not finances, internal strife, or membership, as it had been in previous years, but factor. We were next to the lowest factor house out of twelve, and began the year on the Council of Fraternity Presidents' scholastic probation. We tried as many new ideas as we could think of to alleviate our problem. We pledged scholarship holders at the beginning of the year, but this class had a lower factor than ours had been, bringing house factor lower. Even though most of the low factor men had depledged, we still were forced by school rule to keep them on our roster for first semester. We enforced quiet hours, set up a scholarship pool with a $65 award, and had steak and bean dinners.

Since we were so concerned about our scholarship first semester, an elaborate Fall Festival display was not put up. However, our fire engine was out that weekend; it ran to the game and led the parade. Also, our pledges took second place in their pledge cheer.

Our alumnus counselor and faculty advisor remain the same: Lou Pondy and Dr. Hugh Young, respectively.

This semester, things look brighter. We pledged a class of eight, all who have extremely high factors. The very low factor brothers and superpledges left the house, and our factors, in general, have risen. We now stand a chance of winning the highest factor award and highest factor improvement award for this semester.

We had a rather grave disappointment at Spring Carnival this year, not placing in the annual buggy races. The disappointment occurred after two months of hard work on a new buggy. Under the leadership of buggy chairman Ed Escallon, over half the house worked regular hours, day and night, on the buggy. It lost because of a last minute defect in the bearings.

However, even with the loss of the race, buggy has had a good effect on the house. The house worked long hours as a team on the buggy. The alumni who returned that weekend saw that fact, when they pledged us over $150 to spend for next year on the buggy.

We had a very interesting booth at Carnival. Jim McChesney, booth chairman, designed and headed work on the booth. The theme this year was "Great Shakes" (Shakespeare), and our booth was the witches scene in Macbeth. The person playing the game was to throw three lizards in the "witches' brew", at which time, a cloud of smoke would rise from the pot. All three witches, presenting obstacles to the pot, had moving parts.

Also at Carnival, one of our plank jousting teams placed, third in the competition, under captain Joe Volpe.

Again, we have a member of our house as chairman of Student Congress. Joe Sandulliwas elected to that position, replacing Tom Pyke, also a Pi K A.

Our membership for next year looks high. We should be returning with about 44 men, 8 of which must live outside the house. At last, after three years, our membership is back, up to normal.


During the first half of the fall semester the officers were:

The officers elected during the first semester were:

The officers elected during the second semester were:


This year, we had teams in soccer, baseball, basketball, plank jousting, buggy pushing, and track. Joe Volpe, Jack Elsey, Brian Joos, and Lou Zaera did a fine job in procuring us a third place in basketball, a top fraternity team in soccer, and a fast buggy pushing team.


Although we could have only two parties a month, due to CFP probation, every party was a theme party.

In the first semester, aside from our traditional Bavarian Beer Party, we had a Hillbilly Party, with a live chicken running loose in the basement, as well as other theme parties. At Fall Festival, we took our big church bell to the game in our firetruck, to cheer on the Tech. team.

To end the first semester, we had our Christmas Party, following a date dinner earlier in the week, at which time our dates trimmed the tree. Our housemother, Mom Waechter, made two tables of hors-d'oeuvres and, as usual, word of the party reached us from other houses.

Second semester, the Fall semester pledge class threw their pledge party, with a "monster" theme. Everyone came dressed in anything from sheets to pajamas. The Spring semester pledge class set up our annual Spaghetti and Wine Party which proved a usual big success.

In Greek Sing, under the direction of Dennis Taylor, we sang Amo Amas and Summertime.

Since only two brothers were pinned, we did not have a Dream Girl, but we did hold a formal at the Adams House. The band played well, and the food was exceptional. Mr. Herbert Helt gave us the Champagne Punch for the formal.

We did not win any trophies at Spring Carnival this year, but our booth was very popular among the children. Our buggies impressed everyone, as the looked perfect. And our plank jousting teams had a good time.

Our final party will be an all day party in the park, to finish back here at the house, with a combo.


Andy Langlois did an excellent job in keeping our spending within limits of his budget.


Brothers in honoraries this past year:


Joe Sandulli


Tom Pyke - secretary


Joe Bowman

Brothers elected to honoraries next year:


Joe Bowman

Leroy Gunner


Joe Sandulli


Dave Simons


Brother in activities this past year:

Brothers elected to activities next year:


Although we began the year low in scholarship, I feel that we will be very close to the top in fraternities in factor at the end of the semester, since our mid-semester factor was a high 2.45.

We have sixteen scholarship holders.


We has a Christmas Party for underprivileged children again this year. Art Lubetz, now an alumnus, voluntarily came back to play Santa for the little boys and girls. We gave the children ice cream, cookies, and toys.

Our first semester pledge class went downtown for a day to help the Heart Fund.

Next year should be a fruitful year in many ways. We should have over a full house, and top fraternity factor. Our finances are in good shape, and morale is high. After a long struggle through many different troubles, the brothers of Beta Sigma feel the unity and true spirit of brotherhood.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard L. Hack

May 11, 1964


Course Record: ATO 2:25.0 (established in 1956, 8 years ago)

A-Team Buggy: Shark


Roll No. 658

Mr. Brian Joos

Initiated: November 29, 1963

Student Congress

Big Brother: Ace Seguiti


Roll No. 659

Mr. Ray Calvert Williams

Initiated: November 29, 1963

Positions/Offices: Social Chairman

Buggy: A-Team Hill 4 ('64 Tiger Shark), B-Team Hill 1 ('65 Shark)

Big Brother: Doug Saunders

Little Brothers: Bill Perritte, Ted Zygmunt

Roll No. 660

Mr. Karl J. Leck

Initiated: February 22, 1964

Roll No. 661

Dr. Charles O. Bounds

Initiated: February 22, 1964

Positions/Offices: SMC

Buggy: Chairman

Roll No. 662

Mr. Douglas R. Healey

Initiated: February 22, 1964

Roll No. 663

Mr. Louis A. Ponzini

Initiated: February 22, 1964

Big Brother: Walt Page

Roll No. 664

Mr. Raymond W. Morse

Initiated: February 22, 1964

Big Brother: Leroy Gunner

Roll No. 665

Mr. Lawrence L. Laude

Initiated: May 15, 1964


Roll No. 666

Dr. Richard L. Sharkey

Initiated: May 15, 1964

Positions/Offices: SC

Buggy: A-Team Driver

Big Brother: Douglas Saunders

Little Brother: Bill Logan

Legacy (Brother): James Sharkey

Varsity Track

Roll No. 667

Mr. Lawrence M. Handman

Initiated: May 15, 1964

Positions/Offices: ThC

Varsity Athletics


Roll No. 668

Dr. David Stuart Simons (Stuey)

Initiated: May 15, 1964

Buggy: B-Team Hill 5

Honoraries: Scimitars

Big Brother: Stan Perper

Little Brother: Barry Gordon

Roll No. 669

Mr. Timothy B. MacMillan

Initiated: May 15, 1964

Buggy: A-Team Hill 5

Varsity Athletics, Student Congress

Big Brother: Leroy Gunner

Roll No. 670

Mr. Dennis R. Cash

Initiated: May 15, 1964

Buggy: B-Team Hill 4

Roll No. 671 Mr. Raymond V. Thomas (Flame)

Initiated: May 15, 1964

Positions/Offices: House Manager

Varsity Athletics

Roll No. 672 Mr. William M. Perritte

Initiated: May 15, 1964

Big Brother: Ray Williams