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1960 - 1961

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

5004 Morewood Place

Pittsburgh 13, Pennsylvania

David Morris


Raymond Gindroz


William Houck


Chapter History Report

Filed by David H. Hyatt dated May 25, 1961

On September 11, 1960 the fifty brothers and one super pledge returned to start a new year at Carnegie Tech. This year the Brotherhood faced a test of its bonds. The interna1 structure was weak indeed, as every Brother well knew. With the encouragement of Field Secretary Jack McMeiken, Faculty Advisor Larry Canjar, and National, the Brotherhood began reforming and re-evaluating the bonds of brotherhood that did hold us together. After this complete revamping and the further elimination or other trivial difficulties, the Chapter began to look forward to the remaining three-fourths of the school year with hopes for a unified future.

Despite the inner turmoil of the first few months of the 1960-61 school year, Beta Sigma did carry on a very successful Rush Program. This was the first year of deferred rushing (rushing in November rather than in September) on Tech's campus. Under the leadership of IMC Ray Gindroz, the Chapter pledged 23 men on November 21, 1960 at our Thanksgivings Day Banquet .

After an intense, one semester pledge period, under the leadership of Pledgemaster Jim Akers and Asst Pledgemaster Chuck Chriss, 12 were initiated on April 14, 1961. The new Brothers are:

The three super-Pledges that we have are:

Len Caramela

George Perenis

Adrian Seguiti


During the first half of the full semester the Chapter was guided by:

And during the last half of the fall semester and first half of the spring semester these offices were held by:

After the mid-April election of 1961 these officers were:


The football season saw PiKA's fall just short of the finals while volleyball presented somewhat more of a problem. PiKA gave its best in soccer. We won every game played, until the playoffs. The finals were then postponed until March because of early snow. During the finals we trounced Sigma Nu with a 3-0 victory that assured us of a second place. In the final playoffs we lost to the famous all-European internationals.

We were in no physical shape for basketball and thus did quite poorly but those who went out had a lot of fun. In the spring, our IM Swim Team made a fine showing, taking third place. Brother Dave Williams performed greatly, breaking the school record for the 150 yard free style. PiKA also ranked high on the list of contenders in horseshoes and baseball. The Bridge Team took first place.


The fall social season was as great as ever. With the new rushing system much of our socializing was done at the Wednesday Rush Dinners. However, the usual Saturday night affairs continued, highlighted by two large Rush Parties, at which the Brotherhood and some of our "Favorite Girls" presented skits. The first was the "HMS Pikafore", and the second was a take off on "Paint Your Wagon". They were highly successful and helped us greatly in obtaining the fine pledges that we did.

Other big parties were:

The annual Bavarian Beer Party

The Election Party

The Spaghetti-Wine Party.

The homecoming general theme was "Nursery Rhymes". To go along with this, our display was "The Three Blind Mice". The season reached its height at the fabulous Christmas Banquet which accommodated 170 guests. This was just about, if not, the biggest and best party Beta Sigma has had in many years.

Spring season offered just as much fun with the Pitt-Tech PiKA Mardi Gras Party, the fabulous Pledge Beatnik Party, and of course Spring Carnival. The overall theme of Spring Carnival was the "Roaring Twenties". Our booth theme was " '23 Dance Marathon". We took third place in Booth Design and were quite proud. The Shark, our buggy, took second to ATO, based on the first heat times, as the Saturday morning finals were rained out.

In May, the Dream Girl Formal was held at the Edgewood Country Club. Elaine Frank (XO) was elected Dream Girl and her court included Leila Moore (XO) and Linda Coffeen (XO).

Shortly after the excitement of Spring Carnival died down, it was announced, after several months of searching by Brother Barry Shane, that Beta Sigma had purchased a beautiful 1927 American - Le France fire engine. The Engine has done much to unite the Brotherhood this spring.


Bob Storch was elected to Scimitars, the Sophomore honorary.

Those elected to:



This year Pi Kappa Alpha showed very poorly in academic standing. Beta Sigma rated 10th out of 12 at the end of the first semester, with an overall house factor of 2.22. To rectify this situation a Scholarship Committee has been set up. It is expected that the new program will cause an increase in the house factor.

The year 1960-61 was a crucial one for Beta Sigma. Many times the brotherhood was about to give up, but with excellent guidance, we became one of the most spirited and unified houses on campus, taking many honors and awards. It was a year which ended up with everyone possessing a true feeling of brotherhood and thankfulness that Beta Sigma could carry on the ideals of φφκα in the future.

Respectfully submitted,

David H. Hyatt, Historian


Saturday Finals rained out.

Results: 2nd Place

Course Record: ATO 2:25.0 (established in 1956, 5 years ago)

A-Team Buggy: Shark


Roll No. 622

Mr. Nicholas Amdur (Nick)

Initiated: April 15, 1961

Roll No. 623

Mr. William H. Elsey III (Bill)

Initiated: April 15, 1961

Legacy (Brother): Jack Elsey

Roll No. 624

Mr. James W. Graves (Jim)

Initiated: April 15, 1961

Positions/Offices: Co-Social Chairman

Roll No. 625

Mr. David H. Hyatt (Dave)

Initiated: April 15, 1961

Positions/Offices: Historian



Roll No. 626

Mr. Walter F. Kirchofer (Kinch)

Initiated: April 15, 1961

Positions/Offices: IMC, Steward, SMC

Student Congress

Big Brother: Art Lubetz

Little Brother: John Hutzler

Roll No. 627

Mr. Andrew P. Langlois (Frenchy)

Initiated: April 15, 1961

Positions/Offices: Assistant ThC, ThC

Student Congress

Big Brother: Ed Devecka

Little Brothers: Grady Clay, Joe Bowman

Roll No. 628

Mr. Gerry W. Mohr

Initiated: April 15, 1961



Roll No. 629

Mr. Thomas N. Pyke Jr. (Tom)

Initiated: April 15, 1961

Positions/Offices: SC, IMC, Alumni Secretary, Greek Sing Chairman

Honoraries: Delta Skull, Omicron Delta Kappa

Secretary-Treasurer Delta Skull; Vice-President Student Congress; Chairman Student Congress; Secretary Omicron Delta Kappa

Roll No. 630

Mr. Douglas J. Saunders (Stretch)

Initiated: April 15, 1961

Positions/Offices: SC, IMC, SMC

Big Brother: Ed Lustig

Little Brother: Richard Sharkey, Ray Williams, Leroy Gunner

Roll No. 631

Mr. Robert L. Storch (Bob)

Initiated: April 15, 1961

Honoraries: Scimitars

Roll No. 632

Mr. David M. Williams Jr. (Dave)

Initiated: April 15, 1961

Roll No. 633

Mr. Robert L. Wolfe (Wolfie)

Initiated: April 15, 1961

Honoraries: Tau Beta Pi