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1927 - 1928

The Beta Sigma Chapter of

Pi Kappa Alpha

Carnegie Mellon University

4807 Baum Boulevard

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Chapter History Report

The school year opened with the following brothers enrolled: Ewing, Swem, Crawford, Hewitt. Jackson, Rietz, Carley, King, Tener, L. Smith, I. Smith, Bell, McKibben, McNeill, Broscious, Campbell, Durr, Eason, James, Johnson, Reichenbach, Wilkens, Thomas and Zachrisson.

On October 22, 1927, the annual Pitt-Tech dance was held at the chapter house. This, as usual, was held on the evening following the Pitt-Tech game, and the affair was a most enjoyable one.

During the fall, Brothers Crawford and Campbell were awarded the varsity letter for their work on the cross-country team.

Rushing season began on November 14, 1927, and lasted the rest of the week. Two dances and a theatre party featured the program. This rushing season was the most successful that the chapter has ever experienced.

On January 13, 1928, the second annual "Kid Party" was held. This affair is annual one at the chapter house and is the "snappiest" dance held during the year.

The annua1 "Founders' Day Banquet" was held on March 2nd. Interesting talks were given by Brothers Rice and Ashe (both Alumni). Alumnus Brother Schwab was Toastmaster of the evening - with his "Wise cracks" - the banquet - the speeches, a general "Good Time" was had by all. Brother Durr was awarded the varsity letter for his work on the swimming team.

On December 11, 1927, the following men were taken into the bonds: Roy Wilbur Carter, George Clayre Harbison, Ira Loya1 McCandless, Wi1lard Martin Sanzenbacher, Orville Read Seidner, and Francis William Swem. On March 18, 1928, the following additional men were initiated: Edgar Melville Ellenberger, Ray Oliver Granston, George Walter John, Ward Lee Myers, Joseph Bowne Patterson, James Stewart Rankin, Leon Mondel Worley, Page Lamont Worley, and Harold Curtis Yeager.

At the chapter meeting on March 18, 1928, Brother Rietz was elected S.M.C., BrotherSeidner I.M.C., Brother Durr Th.C., and Brother Broscious was elected House Manager.

The Beta Sigma chapter had long held hopes of having a new home and one which would be owned, rather than rented by the Fraternity. The opportunity for purchasing a home presented itself early in the spring of 1928 and a thorough investigation was made. The house in question was a residence on Wightman Street and could be purchased by the Chapter for $23,000. A special meeting was called and plans were laid for a house-purchasing campaign, which were unanimously approved. The campaign plan briefly was: A corporation was to be formed, The Beta Sigma Building Corporation, and this was to be controlled by the Alumni of the Chapter. A bond issue was to be floated for the immediate financial needs and a large part of the remainder was to be paid as a mortgage.

The above plan was carried out, and on April 28, 1928, the Beta Sigma Chapter moved to its new home. The next several days were spent in "setting the house straight" and in preparing for the Annual Carnegie Campus Week which began May third.

Campus Week was ushered in with the Fraternity Migratory dance and many favorable comments were heard of the new home and of its excellent location. Campus festivities continued until Sunday, May 6th, and during this time a sort of "open house" was carried on at the new home.

Mothers' Day at the Chapter house was held Friday May 11. The banquet was held at six-thirty o'clock, and nearly forty parents were present. Members of the Fraternity entertained with music. and Dean Green, Dean of Women at Carnegie, gave a delightful talk on "Mothers". A tour or inspection of the house was then held and all the mothers seemed well impressed with the new purchase.

With but a few weeks remaining until the end or the school year, the Brothers settled down for the final examinations. These began on May 24th, and continued until June lst. Before the members left for their respective homes a farewell party was held for the graduating Seniors who passed from active membership of the Beta Sigma chapter via the diploma route. They are:

A final "goodbye" was then held, and the Pi K A activities on the Carnegie Campus were ended for the year 1927-28.

A New Chapter House

Almost from the very date of our chartering into Pi Kappa Alpha in 1921 our chapter has been located in a rented home at 4807 Baum Boulevard. That location has served the chapter for a good six years. Located a block or two off of the far end of Morewood Avenue it was a considerable walk to campus.

Perhaps it was the distance from campus that led the chapter to locate a new home. Or it may have had to do with the rental arrangements or the conditions at the location. In any event Beta Sigma Chapter purchased a home stately looking home at 1445 Wightman Street for $23,000. This new location will prove to be our home for almost another 8 years at which point the chapter again relocates in 1936.

An article that was later written c1934 contained this sketch of the Chapter House on Wightman Street. The building still stands in 2003 although there have been some changes to its appearance. The porch has been removed and only the center 1/3 remains, sporting two stately columns highlighting the center entrance. There is evidence of major renovations. The window that you can see in this sketch just above the front door has been removed and bricked over. There was no attempt to hide the fact that a window once existed there. The owner used a contrasting brick that is set in a bit forming a nice feature.

The 3rd floor dormer has changed as well. The central window with semicircular roof line has been removed. The roof now extends straight across from side to side and there is no longer a window in the center. No doubt that some center hallway space has been reclaimed. Even today the house looks very stately and appropriate for a Pi Kappa Alpha Chapter House.

Perhaps these alterations to the original home were the result of the restoration that must have occurred. The day after Christmas in 1935 the house will be destroyed by fire. Our chapter had to quickly relocate into temporary quarters and this led to the purchase of a home later in 1936.


Roll No. 94 Mr. Roy Wilbur Carter

Initiated: December 11, 1927

Honoraries: Scabbard & Blade

Roll No. 95 Mr. George Clayre Harbison

Initiated: December 11, 1927

Honoraries: Alpha Tau

Glee Club 1927 & 1928, Inter-Fraternity Basketball 1927, 1928 & 1929, Tartan, Chairman Y.M.C.A. Drive - Industries 1929

Roll No. 96 Mr. Ira Loyal McCandless

Initiated: December 11, 1927

Inter-Fraternity Basketball 1926, 1927 & 1928

Roll No. 97 Mr. Willard Martin Sanzenbacher

Initiated: December 11, 1927

Positions/Offices: SC

Inter-Fraternity Basketball 1927 & 1928, Graphica

Roll No. 98 Mr. Orville Reed Seidner

Initiated: December 11, 1927

Positions/Offices: IMC

Honoraries: Pi Tau Pi Sigma (Charter member), Scabbard & Blade

Inter-Fraternity Basketball 1927 & 1928

Roll No. 99 Mr. Francis William Swem

Initiated: December 11, 1927

Roll No. 100 Mr. Edgar Melville Ellenberger

Initiated: March 18, 1928

Honoraries: 1st on Honor Roll of Industries Sophomores, Alpha Tau

Kiltie Band 1927, 1928 & 1929

Roll No. 101 Mr. Ray Oliver Granston

Initiated: March 18, 1928

Positions/Offices: MC

Roll No. 102 Mr. George Walter John

Initiated: March 18, 1928

Kiltie Band 1927, 1928 & 1929, Swimming manager 1929 & 1931, Freshman Basketball Manager 1931

Roll No. 103 Mr. Ward Lee Myers

Initiated: March 18, 1928

Positions/Offices: Historian

Glee Club 1927 & 1928

Roll No. 104 Mr. Joseph Browne Patterson

Initiated: March 18, 1928

Honoraries: Phi Mu Alpha, Musical 1928

Glee Club 1927, 1928 & 1929, Assistant manager Carnegie Symphony Orchestra, Concert Master, Arts Ball 1927, Kiltie Band 1930, Tartan 1928 & 1929 - Contributing Editor

Roll No. 105 Mr. James Stuart Rankin

Initiated: March 18, 1928

Roll No. 106 Mr. Leon Mondel Worley

Initiated: March 18, 1928

Positions/Offices: IMC, SMC

Legacy (Brother): Page Worley

Honoraries: Sophomore Honor Roll - Arts, Phi Mu Alpha, Honor Roll 1928-1931, Tau Sigma Delta, Scarab, Pledge Scabbard & Blade 1930, Founder's Scholarship 1929 & 1931, Captain R.O.T.C. 1930 (Best Drilled Company)

Kiltie Band 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930 & 1931, Kiltie Band Manager 1930, Vice President Phi Mu Alpha 1931, Varsity Cross-Country Manager 1930, Arts Ball Committee 1930, Drill Master of the Band 1931, Inter-Fraternity Formal Committee 1931-1932, Inter-Fraternity Council 1931-32

Roll No. 107 Mr. Page Lamont Worley

Initiated: March 18, 1928

Positions/Offices: IMC, House Manager

Legacy (Brother): Leon Worley

Honoraries: Honor Roll Arts 1928

Captain Plebe Cross-Country 1927, Varsity Cross Country 1928, 1929, 1930, Captain Varsity Cross-Country 1929, Freshman Track 1927, Varsity Track 1928, "C" Club

Roll No. 108 Mr. Harold Curtis Yeager

Initiated: March 18, 1928

Positions/Offices: IMC, SMC

Honoraries: Phi Mu Alpha

Carnegie Symphony Orchestra, Played in Grand and Enright Theater orchestras, Member Pittsbugh Symphony Orchestra, Senior Member of Inter-Fraternity Council 1929-30, 1930-31, Arts Ball 1925, Chairman of "Carnegie Song Contest"